Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finally Ready For the Holiday!

We've finally got our tree up and decorated for Christmas! Love how festive the house looks after all the bubble wrap and wadded up newspaper is put back in the totes and pushed out of the way.
My kids are already wondering about the presents. Our tradition is for me to wrap a present a day for each one of them the last week or several days before Christmas. So far the only presents under the tree are from Aunts and Uncles so they are getting a bit anxious. Mom? You did buy presents for us right? hehe Even though the youngest is 13 yrs. now, some things never change.
I was so glad to rediscover the holiday runner I made last year. It's not the prettiest one ever, but I love having it on my dinner table to help spread the holiday cheer throughout the house.
I also pulled out my one and only Christmas quilt to drape over a chair. So fun to see it again. I really need to get motivated and start making a few more like Lori. Such an inspiration!
As you can see, we mostly decorate with snowmans. That was my husbands wish/request from when we first got married and I happen to think they're cute. So far we're not totally overrun with them, but my girls are starting to get in the spirit of buying them so it may happen yet!
It's so crazy that we haven't had any snow at all here in our area this year. It's not unusual to have snow by the end of October and we always have several inches of it by Thanksgiving weekend at least.
I bet this guy in the corner doesn't mind at all as he is always the guardian of our front door during the holidays. He actually gets quite a bit of abuse with all the boots/outdoor shoes getting kicked off right in his face during the worst weather. Now I'd better get back back to getting something accomplished besides admiring our decorations. Lots to do between now and December 24th!


  1. Christmas has arrived at your house with a vengeance. It all looks so lovely Audrey.

  2. It all looks very festive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like all your little snow people, they are so cute! The Christmas quilt makes me wish I had a nice hand quilted one like that, maybe next year. Lol

  4. It's looking very festive with all your Christmas treasures! They are especially special because lot's of stitches by you went into each project!

    Thanks for sharing, Audrey :)

    Hugs, Carolyn

  5. Me gusta !!!
    ambiente navideño total
    los muñecos de nieve son realmente preciosos
    Buenas Fiestas y Feliz año nuevo

  6. where are you located that you normally have snow but don't - we have finally got rid of all of our ice & snow even in the shady spots now. I do think I need to go crazier for decorations next year - I have seen some lovely ones on blogs this past couple of weeks - I guess I better get busy looking for next year and make somethings too! love all your snowmen and the quilts

  7. Your tree looks beautiful and I love your one & only Christmas quilt! I have that pattern AND one day I will make it!

  8. Lovely tree....always looks better once the tree is up. My youngest is 12 but they still love the family traditions, don't they.

  9. It's fun to get out the decorations and make everything look fun and festive.

  10. It's wonderful seeing your decorated house. I remember your table runner from last year. I think it's fun with the Christmas trees appliqued on it. Your Christmas quilt looks wonderful too. If we ask nicely would you show a full shot of it one day? I love all your snow men. I just read the funniest snowman quote at -, pop over and have a look, it'll make you laugh.

  11. Your house looks lovely. It reminds me I should make a Christmas quilt. That is sadly lacking in our house. It is just that when it is still summer (and I should get started on it) I am not in the mood at all.... Have a lovely Christmas time with your family.

  12. I have that appliqué quilt on my wall too!

  13. your house does look beautiful and festive~!!
    snowmen are a great way to go as they can stay out a bit longer than most Christmas decorations and still look appropriate.

    your Christmas quilt is wonderful . . . i'm not sure that i would ever put it away if it were mine~!!

    i hope that your holiday brings much happy laughter and joy.


  14. I like the quilt you have draped over the chair back. I drape many quilts on my chairs and sofas. Just like the look.

  15. pretty tree! I love the ribbon garland. You have a wonderful collection of snowmen!
    Merry Christmas!


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