Monday, August 12, 2013

The Baby Quilt Found a New Home

Got to spend this past weekend in Oregon with four of my sisters.  We had a great time hanging out at my little sisters house and also seeing the sights in Portland.  I gave my youngest sister the quilt I made for her baby and I think it might have been a hit! I asked about the red fabric and she just laughed and told me that what I used wasn't red.  Huh?
Baby Love
Could've fooled me, but I'm extremely glad that she likes it. Making quilts for other people when I know their preferences (or kinda know their preferences) just makes me sweat the details. So much easier to make a quilt I like and decide who it belongs to later!
A closer look at the center
I am completely wrung out from all the great times and the wonderful food that we gorged on all weekend long.  Wowsers, does Portland have some good food!  If you like bakeries, the one on Alberta street call 'La Provence Boulangerie & Patisserie' is to die for.  Seriously.  After one taste I had to scratch my plans to head up the street to the fabric store because I only had time to do one or the other.
Have to click on this pic to see the big stitch quilting in the center
That's just wrong.  Next time I'm gonna make sure and not go on Saturday while a street fair is going on so precious time won't be wasted trying to find a place to park. A girl needs her fabric fix too.*wink

The quilt still needed washed up before I took the pictures, but I was running out of daylight.  Maybe someday I'll get better organized when I've leaving town without my family. So much to do if I don't want to come back to sheer chaos!


  1. I love the quilting! This little quilt is a gem and I'm sure it will be well loved. So glad you had such a nice weekend with your sisters. I have four and its such a treat when we all get to spend time together.

  2. I love it. Great fabrics and colours, and not too babyish. Sounds like a great weekend with your sisters.

  3. Beautiful! Extra special to have your hand quilting.
    Portland is a fun place! Great you enjoyed it with your sisters.

  4. Such a gorgeous & happy looking baby quilt. Love the quilting you have done on it.
    Why is it that we (Mums & wives) have to round-around like crazy to organise the household if we are having a few days away?? I am going to look after my MIL for one night, and this morning I felt compelled to have the washing up to date, checked the fridge, and watered the plants...anyone would think I was going away for a week or more!

  5. now that turned out seriously CUTE~!!~ i love that flower in the center of the star and your use of both hand and machine quilting is perfect.
    well done~!


  6. Your little quilt if beautiful in so many ways. It brought a smile to my face when I saw it. Those are some of my favorite colors. How could anyone not love it!

    I must agree about La Petite Provence. That is one of our favorite places to have breakfast/lunch. My little quilt group has gone there together several times. I always mean to eat lunch but I almost always order breakfast no matter what the time of day. That place is certainly death to my Weight Watchers efforts.

  7. A darling baby quilt that will thrill beyond the "baby" years! I love the simplicity of the machine quilting, and the appliqued flower in the center with hand quilting outlining it! So clever of you! Glad the time with your sisters was enjoyable, as it should be!!!

  8. I love that quilt. Everything about it is positively adorable! You picked a design and colours that are going to grow with the baby and be loved and used for years to come.

    Oregon is on my list of places to go when I visit the US so Ive tucked that bakery name down for future reference !

  9. It great to hear you've been having fun family times! What a wonderful quilt!! I love the colours, and the red is not at all dominant but highlights the blues. It will be treasured for sure! That bakery sounds so delicious...

  10. Oh, what a lovely quilt! Such wonderful colours!

  11. Just adorable.
    Great patterns/colors ... and there's that light blue again!

  12. It's wonderful -a perfect baby quilt. So glad you had fun.


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