Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Here and There

I have learned that my Pickle Dish quilt project is not actually a Pickle Dish, but rather a Wedding Ring pattern. The knowledge crept up on me slowly, but finally I am left with no choice but to admit to being an idiot. Drat! I hate that, but making a wedding ring quilt was always on my bucket list too, so all is probably going to be well in the end.
More fans for what was formerly known
as my Pickle Dish Insanity quilt
Now I'm in a quandary as to the name since continuing to call it 'Pickle Dish Insanity' would probably just be confusing? On a good note, quite by accident I learned that sewing my fans or melons (or whatever those things actually are) to background music like Tanya Tucker, Eric Clapton, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill and BTO somehow made me forget about the fact that I intensely dislike foundation piecing.  My quilting room is carved out of the (best) corner of my sons upstairs bedroom and so I don't ever always get to choose the background noise. How amusing to learn that the right music can actually increase production, especially in my case where I love and cherish the sounds of silence!
Prep work for The Big Broken Dish
I also surprised myself last evening by pulling out The Big Broken Dish and mulling over what needs to be done next. I know, check me for a fever. It's not that I'm really interested in appliqueing the words onto the borders of The Big Broken Dish just yet, but recently it has occurred to me that it has been a bit neglected.  It would probably help if the letters were cut out and properly prepped for when that big moment of motivation does arrives as it always does eventually. I keep hearing rumors about our Pieceable Souls group getting together again this coming fall and this quilt is kind of tied in with our last project in the group. Motivation may come knocking sooner than later and won't I look good if progress has been made since the last time we met well over a year ago? lol


  1. I hadn't seen a double wedding ring with "fans" or whatever you want to call them that wide - or maybe they just look wide in the photo?
    No matter what you call it - it is nice!!

  2. Enjoy the journey, it's going to be a great quilt!

  3. Call it what ever you want, I call it lovely! The colors and fabrics are so pretty. Thanks for sharing the progress.

  4. Your fans are very pretty. Call them whatever you want! I made some similar ones a few years ago, and called them "eyelashes."

  5. I so like the color combos whatever the pattern. Just keep going.

  6. I call them fans but whatever you call them they look fabulous and it's great to see you getting more done.

  7. Whatever you end up calling your quilt won't change the fact that it is going to be wonderful. I love the fabrics that you are using for your fans.

  8. Pickle Dish, Wedding ring. It's beautiful no matter what it's called. If it makes you feel any better they looked like pickle dish bits to me too!

  9. Well, I don't know what to call it, but it looks great! Eventually a name will come to you. You could just call it "Insanity" in the meantime, I suppose.

    I almost always sew to music. It keeps my mind busy and keeps me from fretting over things - in other words, it occupies my "rational" mind and frees my "creative" mind to wander where it will. Very useful! But too bad you can't choose your own music. Headphones and an mp3 player/CD player maybe? I do know how important silence is when one has teenagers. ;)


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