Monday, July 1, 2013

Not Feeling Very Wonky Today

I am having a terrible time getting my quarter circles to cooperate.  Too many years of trying to correct my bad sewing habits, automatically fudging, lining seams up and adjusting 'as I'm in the middle of sewing' makes for blocks that look more sloppy as opposed to wonky.
Finished Quarter Circles
This is about as good as it gets so far, which isn't very wonky at all.*groan....  Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but after trying to make headway now for a couple days, it's time for a break.
Not very wonky
It's not like I don't have plenty more to practice on later.  I think there is about eighteen more sets in that pile! Hmm.. Maybe my subconscious knew I'd need the extras.  Whatever, I know when it's time to move on to a different project for awhile. I don't ever do well when I'm trying to force something to happen!
More to practice with...
I took all the quarter circle blocks off the wall and decided to work a little more on the yellow, green and blue fabric I was playing with the other day. I had only gotten this far along when I quit for the day, so fresh eyes? and yes, definitely a fresh perspective too.
Still playing with the yellow, greens and blues
Some of the fabrics are newish and others have been buried in the bottom of my totes for eons.  Still, it feels good to stack them up together and see what might happen.
More fun of course to actually do something with them, especially if it looks promising. Which this project is starting to do for me! Remember those odds and ends of applique parts I keep around? They generally come in very handy to have laying around and ready to use.
Starting to look interesting enough to deserve a name.
I probably shouldn't even tell you about my awful, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day in the office.  Not a good idea. Or how much I really, really hate being put on hold forever just to politely argue with a customer service representative who could really care less about me and my particular problems. Nah, that would be boring on a quilt blog. But just for the record? That little bit of red on the quilt? It just couldn't quite be extinguished by the soothing shades of yellows, greens and blues I was working with today.....


  1. bad days = time to quilt and forget! hope it got better.

  2. Sorry about your bad day in the office!! Hopefully things will smooth out and be better. I like the little dash of red.

  3. Wonkyness rules! I love the quilt with the red and white +'s. So special. And I hope your days was better today.

  4. I love your quarter circles! Don't change a thing! I'm with Judy... I like the little bit of red in the block. And the leaves... really gives the whole thing personality! I think it's quite charming!

  5. Oh, I like those blocks so very much! I am right with you about the customer service frustrating!!

  6. I think your circles look darling . Sorry you had a bad sewing day . Sometimes you just have to step away from a project for a while and move onto something else for a bit.

  7. Hope today was a better day. Your circles seem great from here.

  8. Your circles look great to me! Maybe they don't really want to be wonky? I went and looked at your inspiration quilt, and it doesn't look all that wonky either. Just a thought . . .

    And I love your blue/green/yellow blocks! And that touch of applique is quite inspired. Keep going!

    Hope life has improved for you now. :)

  9. I'm loving your circles so much!! The curves and stripes add lots of movement so maybe they don't need to be more wonky? Those type of phone calls are so annoying, lucky theres sewing to retreat to for a calming effect.

  10. I like the red and white strips. Gives so much interest to the design.

  11. I really, really like this project of yours. I'm working on a bunch of curves for a Drunkard's Path and I think this looks like a nice variation. I like that little bit of red in your second piece. It's really neat to see how personal stuff makes it way into our quilts - that's what makes them so personal. Quilting is the best for stress! Take care, Byrd

  12. The little bit of red makes me smile. We must always be nice- but theres a tiny show of Ha! So there!

  13. Very pretty! Visiting from selvage blog. And, bad days, or whatever makes quilting a perfect pastime. Time to forget about all the bad 'stuff' for a time. Enjoyed seeing your delightful quilt.

  14. Your circle quilt is just amazing!!!


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