Friday, March 22, 2013

A Few Projects I've Been Thinking About

The borders have been finished on this Scrap Attack quilt for several days now.  I am really liking the rough, primitive style to the applique.  I drew four sets of the border detail freehand, transferred it to freezer paper and then used it for my templates.
Scrap Attack #2--red & blues
I know this quilt isn't to every one's taste, but everything about this quilt is ME from the improv. piecing out of my scrap bin, using up leftover applique pieces for the trees, and then adding primitive border detail.  My husband says it's a very dark quilt, but that's okay.  Sometimes I'm a dark and moody person.*wink
Closer look at the borders
I have slowly, slowly started working on my Learning Curves quilt too.  Can someone please tell me what I was thinking to do something like this?  (*hair pulling starting right about now!)  Oh yes, I wanted to sew better curves.  Well, I better be a master after this huh?  Oh, and does anybody know if you're supposed to iron the curves to the inside or the outside?
Learning Curves quilt

I have long been a fan of 16 patch/25 patch etc. blocks so it really shouldn't be a surprise that I went for the 16 patch drunkards path look.  The quilt below is one I was working on in the winter of 2007-2008.  It's kinda dark too! Hmmm...  Anyway, towards spring, we realized that my brother had a terminal illness and so I rushed to finish it for him.
Josh's quilt.
He always bugged all of his many sisters, me included, about making him a quilt 'cuz he loved them.  The one thing he complained about though was that most quilts were too short to tuck under his chin properly and then also tuck under his feet (he was well over 6 ft. tall).  This was something he complained about even when he was perfectly healthy because he just liked to curl up in a quilt on occasion!  I took a quilt I was working on at the time, added an improv. border, and THEN added about 11 more inches to the top and bottom just for his benefit.  Let me tell you this quilt was about 110" long so he probably could have wrapped it over his head and feet all at the same time.
The bottom of Josh's quilt.
Never could get a good picture of the quilt in it's entirety, but I have no regrets about giving him the quilt even though he only got to enjoy it for a few months.  And yes, I had already made him a quilt years before that he had already just about wore out!  He was always a little greedy about quilts, that guy.:)


  1. Neither of the two quilts comes off dark and moody in my eyes, they are both happy, scrappy and fun I'd say!
    I too have made quilts for loved ones who have been ill, it is a very special process, isn't it. Both sad and comforting at the same time.

  2. I love both of the quilts, too! Isn't it great to create something from your heart...that makes them so special.

    Josh's quilt story is very sweet. I'm so glad you had the perfect quilt already in the works when he needed it. I have a son that is also greedy for quilts. In fact, he's worried that I'm only going to make quilts to raise money for charities. :)

    I'm also drawn to 16 patch blocks. Interestingly enough, I've also made a 16 patch quilt for someone that was dying. That was one of my most loved quilts. Hal took it everywhere with him like a blankie. (I remember almost not making the quilt because a little voice of doubt tried to trick me into thinking it wouldn't matter to Hal. I'm so glad I didn't listen to it.)

    I LOVE the way you used color in the 16's on Josh's quilt. It's like you bordered a 9 patch! That has my brain spinning in a whole new direction. Thanks!!

    much love,

  3. I can't wait to hear the answer to the pressing question as I'm going to start hand piecing a drunkard's path in the next week or two - if I can pull myself away from the quilt I'm hand quilting long enough to start cutting pieces. ;-)

    I don't think darker quilts necessarily mean moodiness nor are they a bad thing. I like your scrap attack quilt.

    It was nice that your brother got to enjoy that quilt, even if only for a short time. What a blessing that quilt was to him - and to you as well?

  4. I like your quilts - they all seem to be unique in their own wither they be dark or light or a combination - this one might be a little "folk art" if you know what I mean. We all quilt to satisfy ourselves don't we.

  5. I love everything about your Scrap Attack - especially because it's your own design and so 'personalized'! Congrats on getting the top finished. I like the quilt you made for your brother too - I'm sure he really enjoyed it!

  6. Oh that is such a nice story about your brothers quilt. I know he must have lived it very much. I love the scrappy 16 patches, the colors are so warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You have some fabulous projects in the works and I love the improvastional way you play. Love the unique to you borders you add, they are awesome.
    How wonderful that your brother got the quilt he so wanted and got to enjoy, a lovely story.
    As for the gorgeous drunkards path, you can press either way if the curve is gentle enough to allow it. It all depends on how you want to quilt it for one. If you press towards the circle, it'll give the look of applique and sit up a bit more, it'll recede a little if you press towards the outer and that's how I'd make the decision.

  8. I like the primitive style of the quilt too. Good design!

  9. I absolutely ADORE you Scrap Attack quilt. Your brother's quilt wrapped him in love, and it too is a beauty.

  10. Your borders finished off the quilt perfectly. Well done.
    Love the story about your brother and the quilt you made him.

  11. Colorful post! I love 16, 25 patch etc. quilts! Still have to make one, is on my list. I have only done curved seams a few time, but always iron towards the outside.

  12. Your quilt looks wonderful - I don't think it looks dark at all. It actually looks very folksy and inviting to me.

    Such a sweet story about your brother...we really should not underestimate the power of giving someone a quilt, particularly if they are in need. Quilts are like a portable hug.

  13. I really like your style Audrey, all those projects are wonderful. I particularly love the circle border on your scrap attack top. I like the way you described your brother as greedy for quilts, that's so great and that you made an extra long one especially for him. Janet's answered your curve pressing question the way i would have. Your curve project has a real glow about it.

  14. I don't think Scrap Attack is too dark. The whites and reds really pop. Well done!
    I need to try some curved piecing, too. I would think you'd press toward the outside, but I guess whatever way the seam wants to go would be best.
    Beautiful story about the quilt you made for your brother. I've found that quilts like that go together almost effortlessly.


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