Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Hand Work

I was making pretty good progress on my bow-tie blocks on Saturday when suddenly I realized that I didn't have any more background pieces ready to go! Wahh!!  So very sad to have momentum come to a crashing halt like that.*wink
More bow-tie blocks
Prep work isn't fun, but it's all part of the game if I ever want to see finished product in my lifetime. lol
Always more prep work
I cut the squares out with the rotary cutter and then use my plastic templates to mark the seam lines.  I know some people try to piece without marking seam lines, but I'm just not that brave.  Or crazy.  I know me and what would happen without obvious seam lines!

And more
I'm really, really liking the way the Perle Cotton stitching has made this simple little quilt come alive.  I can definitely see that it's going to be part of my hand stitching future in random quilts here and there, especially if I can find somewhere to buy prettier thread colors.
Ready to do hand work part of the binding.
Getting very close to another finish here, which is kind of unreal!  No finishes at all for 2013 until just a couple weeks ago and now I'm almost done with yet another one!  This little quilt still has no name as of now and my mind is not cooperating at all with anything interesting to call it.  Maybe I should call it 'The Quilt That Shall Remain Unnamed.' 
So very close to being done......
I usually figure something out eventually, even if I have to get my whole family to help out.  There's something about ridiculous names being thrown out there as viable options that gets me to finally wake up and make a decision.  Should I tell my family that I just use them to clarify what NOT to name my quilts?  Nah, probably not.


  1. I really like your "unnamed" quilt... great fabrics! The perle cotton stitches really show off great!

  2. What a nice blog. I am going to follow you.

  3. Those bowties is so fun looking. Concrats on having yet another finished. I am happy to have the top put together these days.

  4. when I made my bow tie quilt I had to mark the seams too

  5. I am like you, when patching by hand I Always mark my seam lines, can't do without that. & I Always name my quilts, but never ask for input, no idea what the family would come up with.... What thread is the perle cotton you are using? Have never used that before to quilt, but need to start on quilting my Jules quilt which is a bit folksy looking, so that may be a good candidate for this thread.

  6. I don't hand piece often but when I do, I like a marked seam line.

  7. I'm just getting ready to work on my first hand piecing project, and I'll definitely mark my seam lines. We have a guide when machine piecing, why would we not have one when hand piecing? That's my philosophy, anyway. ;-)

  8. I love your color choices so much! I've been lurking lately and not leaving comments - crazy time, this month of March. But I have been enjoying your posts quite a bit.

  9. Your unnamed quilt is so pretty! How fun to be close to a finish!!
    I have a very hard time naming quilts too.

  10. Oooh I like the reds paired with the greens. It's beautiful!

  11. There's nothing wrong about marking the seam lines when you're hand piecing. It makes things turn out! Love the primitive look of the big stitch quilting. Fun to do.


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