Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Low Volume Blocks Getting Some Color After All

Just wanted to show you what I've been playing with.  Life has been extremely hectic lately what with high school basketball winding down to districts playoffs, the youngest in the AAU basketball program,  the kids forgetting things at home that need to be brought to school immediately!, our oldest calling home with questions about how to set up a checking account and needing help with scholarship applications, and my husband working from home.  Lets not forget that I can't seem to get totally finished up in the office either.*insert very sad face about that....
Hmmm.... Low Volume no longer?
Anyway, my hst's from the other day?  Well, this is my grand plan for them. All the neutral colors are still from my scrap bin, but the added color is from my stash. I wanted to stick with the original scrap attack mentality as much as possible, but decided the added color needed to be somewhat controlled.  We'll see if I still like it after I start getting a bunch of them done!  The low volume blocks by themselves have a wonderful color and gentle feel to them, but because of the improv. piecing, they just sort of look mushy together.  I sincerely hope this works out!


  1. I think adding a bit of color is a good idea. I made a low volume quilt a couple of years ago (before I even knew there was a name for the concept). I thought I wanted something neutral. I now refer to it as the "boring vanilla quilt".

  2. I feel that your blocks have a 'Gees Bend' flavour to them...looking good.

  3. The colors look great with the other fabrics, it actually makes them look better. Look forward to seeing the rest!

  4. I like these with your hst's. Colors are still subtle and calming. Hope life gives you more sewing time soon!

  5. Audrey, the HSTs are brilliant! They add spark but they don't dominate the LV piecing.


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