Friday, February 8, 2013

Scrap Attack #3--Low Volume No Longer

I think I've finally been liberated from the office except for all the normal details that I generally deal with throughout the year.  I'd do a happy dance, but I'm just mentally exhausted from it all.  Hopefully 2013 will be a better year for us financially.  Okay.  Nuff said about that.  Back to the good stuff.
A different take on Scrap Attack #3
I had previously made 56 low volume improv. blocks made strictly from my scrap bin.  I still get a really good vibe when I think about that.*wink  I laid them out several times and like I said, they were looking really mushy and blendy.  Intervention time!  There just so happened to be a cheerful, happy little stack of fabric sitting on my cutting counter when I started auditioning possible sashing fabrics.
Looking at the value changes by graying it down.
Funny how that happens!  Anyway, it was a stack of fabric that I had been slowly adding to as whim compelled me to and was made up of predominantly 'medium' fabrics.  Medium color fabrics are often the eye candy of all fabric but they generally need the most help to showcase properly and show to true advantage.  In this case it seems to be working in the opposite.  Don't you think the medium fabrics are doing the work here to showcase the light fabrics of the low volume piecing?  So cool.  I love it when things start coming together even better than I originally pictured!


  1. It's coming together beautifully! You're right about those mediums.

  2. Looking good! Here's to a fabuloue 2013.

  3. I always think contrast makes a better quilt. This was a great idea!

  4. I use to make black and white copies to check value. Now I'll do your trick and check the photo on the camera - a neat green idea. Love the blocks - they don't look mushy at all now.

  5. I like contrast in my quilts ... so I think that your idea was spot-on! Gorgeous!

  6. Audrey, I love this so much!!! The colour adds spark and brings out the colour in the low volume pieces.

  7. This is the second mention of "low volume" I have seen in the last five minutes. I now understand what it is. I like those pops of color with the triangles.


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