Sunday, February 3, 2013

Done is Better Than Perfect

I wanted to be sure and link up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching today since most of what I've been working on is hand work.  I actually finished up three more bow-tie blocks at the basketball games earlier in the week.  One of my daughters plays on the jv team and the other one plays varsity so there is usually a game in between where I can do a little hand stitching if I come prepared.  I don't do any at all while my girls are playing though.  I'd probably start sewing the wrong sides together or something equally ridiculous!
3 more hand stitched Bow-ties
The hand piecing is finally going a little smoother and I think I've found a good rhythm at last.  I am really enjoying the bright background mixed in with the earth tones for the bow ties.  So glad I took the plunge and went with that vintage colored background!

Today has been for hand quilting on G'ma's Kaleidoscope quilt.  Most of the center is finished now with about two rows left unfinished clear around the quilt.  It feels like there's a lot completed, but in reality, I still have the bulk of the quilt left to finish.  It's amazing how much texture a little quilting adds to a quilt.  I'm trying to be patient with the tougher fabrics, but my stitches are definitely a little bigger than norm.
Hand quilting on G'ma's Kaleidoscope quilt.
Oh well.  What's that saying?  Done is better than perfect?


  1. Finished is definitely better than perfect. Enjoy the process. It is worth the time it takes.

  2. That's my mantra - finished is definitely better than perfect. ;-)

    What is there about having only a couple of rows of blocks all around the quilt that makes us think that we're almost done? There's probably every bit as many blocks in that as there was in the center. ;-)

    I didn't get much sewing done today ... but I did stitch on the binding on my D4P ... and bought fabric for the quilt that my DD "commissioned" me to make for my oldest granddaughter's bedroom makeover. Saved 20% thanks to the Super Bowl sale.

  3. finished is the best thing on earth (well one of the best things :) )

  4. I so love that saying!!! Done is way better than perfect!! Besides, I think it is looking beautiful!! Your little bow ties are darling!! I like that background fabric - looks great with the browns!!


  5. Done is better than perfect, because even if you unstitched it and fiddled with it forever, it still wouldn't be perfect! I agree with your opinion of the bow tie blocks, they are great! I really want to hand quilt something now that I've spent the entire day almost machine quilting. Just reminding myself to enjoy the process.

  6. Absolutely done is better than perfect!
    I love taking the pins out as the quilting is done...what a great feeling! Thanks for linking up!

  7. I agree with your saying! I really love that vintage blue with the bow ties. You're really getting through quilting on your Kaliedoscope. It wasn't that long ago that you started quilting it.

  8. That Kaliedoscope quilt is gorgeous. I think my stitches are bigger than norm too but I figure if a quilt serves it's purpose who is looking at the stitching? Especially when the quilt is so gorgeous!


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