Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Guess I'm Not a Manor House Kind of Gal After All

I have been so focused in the office, you wouldn't even believe it.  Quarterly reports, end of the year reports, w-2's etc. are slowly being chipped off of my list.  Freedom is almost in sight.  Late yesterday afternoon, I decided that what I really needed was a quick little pick-me-up to help me survive the last couple of days in the office.  Something fun could be very, very good.
The manor house minus one chimney!
I was two blocks behind with the Random Sampler QAL and so I decided to try that.  First of all, I quickly vetoed the 16 patch blocks from the previous month.  Nah.  Not doing that right now.  Maybe at the end of the QAL for fill-ins or something.  I wanted FUN.

So, the manor house it was.  Only, somehow I couldn't get the roof to work out properly.  The directions called for laying a shorter rectangle on the corner of the long roof rectangle, sewing on a diagonal and then ironing it back.  I was getting all kinds of funky shaped roofs, but nothing looked remotely right until I came up with this.  Only problem was, I could only fit one chimney on my roof instead of the two the directions called for!
So this is what I have to work with so far....
I think my mind was tweaked from too much paperwork.  Whatever.  I finally just re-worked the top row of piecing to make one chimney look okay.  No way was I going to try the roof thing again!  My block will be a humble abode with cheery lights in the window instead of a fancy lah-de-dah house.  I guess nobody will ever accuse me of trying to be pretentious even with my quilts.*wink
And a few more stray blocks to help round things out.
I also have these larger orphaned half square triangle blocks to work with if I decide they have a place in the final quilt top.  I'm starting to get ideas about what other blocks I'd like to sew too.  Maybe some liberated star blocks and some ocean wave type blocks?  We'll see.  Lots of time left on this project....


  1. Your house is wonderful, it great you were are to tame the roof!

  2. Most houses have one chimney... bravo for doing it your way!

  3. It's an original, and very pretty.

  4. Just think of it as a remodeling project...or "home improvement" if you will...I love it!

  5. Always good to take a little break from the paperwork! I wanted to get all mine done before vacation. Now I just have a small stack to take o the accountants. I wanted to do pdf's of our W2s but didn't have the right program. It would have been convenient!

  6. I think your house turned out just fine. I really like all of the blocks together.

  7. Hi, Audrey. Just found your blog because you came over to Snippets. I did an office job in the not so distant past--congratulations on being able to do anything at all after the 9-to-5 grind. Your house turned out great. In my mind, patterns are just guidelines. I enjoyed visiting!
    best from Tunisia,

  8. Hope you are out of the office and stitching. Sweet sampler blocks, I think your house is great! Nice colorway too.


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