Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Next Step

It's December and so I find myself quilting at crazy hours and working real fast so I can get something, anything accomplished!  I went ahead and did the wide sashing thing with the Big Star quilt.  It looks like it will work out for me after I add on border.  Fingers crossed on getting the color combination right!
Big Stars with striped sashing
I've been slowing pecking away at the hand work for the appliqued trees on this scrap quilt.  The trees are small and funky, but very me I think.  I had a terrible time getting the little bird in the bottom red tree to actually look like a bird.  Everyone in the family agreed (even my visiting niece and nephew) that my first try looked like a little dog.....
Scrap Attack #2 with 1st borders attached.
This is a very busy little quilt and I was so afraid I would inadvertently ruin the sparkly, move-your-eye-around the quilt thing I have going on.  I tried to keep the borders scrappy, yet calming, plus move a little more of the quilt out into the border.  Not sure what the next step should be other than not busy!  
Crazy border detail.....
The colors are better than the picture shows.  Not quite so grayed down and muted.  I could almost call this quilt done and finished except that it's about 35" x 48" so then what would I do with it?  Not exactly your traditional baby quilt. lol


  1. I adore the sahing fabric and I do not think it looks to wide! A border will make it all balance out.
    Your scrap attack is marvelous in every way!

  2. Your big stars are so right with the sashing. I love your improv quilt too! I hope you'll show close-ups of your trees sometime. Both really lovely pieces.


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