Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting Close to Another Finished Quilt!

The hand quilting is all finished up now on my Monkey Wrench quilt!  Hard to see the details because of the dark thread I used, but trust me, it's all there.  The binding color was a no-brainer for me this time around.  Plain old black seemed to be the only color that made sense, so why bother fighting it?
Monkey Wrench all ready to start binding.
I'm still not sure why I put the red sashing squares on the outside sashing strips like I did.  Probably because I still hadn't made any decisions about the borders at that point?  Someday I'm sure I'll get a better handle on my decision making skills.*wink
And now there are three!
Here are two more Big Stars that I have made (I previously posted a pic of the top left one).  This is a pattern out of 'Simple Pleasures' by Jan Patek, Alma Allen and Sue Spargo.  Karen over at Log Cabin Quilter recently made another sweet quilt out of this same book that I have considered making for myself.  After looking at the finished product up on my design wall, I'm thinking that I may need to sew a bit slower.  You know, for the smoother curved seam look.  Ahem.  Or maybe give it up completely?  hehe  Now if I can just dig up the courage to sew on the outside curved pieces for these big monsters.....


  1. great finish - the binding was right on the mark

  2. Nice, nice! I agree that the black binding was the perfect choice. I LOVE those Big Stars and I think I have that book - I'll have to go see for sure cuz I'd like to make some too!

  3. Your monkey wrench looks fabulous. The stars are looking great, too.

  4. Your monkey wrench quilt looks just wonderful - I agree, black will set the quilt off nicely!! And your stars are beautiful!! Way to go!!


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