Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Bow-Ties Re-visit

Woohoo!  The election is now over.  Moving on....  I saw this little giveaway over at Reproduction & Antique Quilt Lover Blog that has completely intrigued me.  It consists of an on-line little quilt link-up, plus a little quilt giveaway, plus a cheddar fabric giveaway.  Super fun stuff.  I cannot will not resist!
Little Bow-Ties Quilt
This is the only little quilt I have managed to put together in well over a year!  It's still taking place of honor on my china hutch and I don't regret making it at all.  Many times I have walked past it and smiled because the little bow ties are just so sweet.
Custom fit to my China Hutch of course!
The strong, bold cheddar fabric in the giveaway is a little intimidating to me because of it's very boldness.  However, if I manage to snag a little piece of it, I will no doubt overcome my shyness toward it in no time at all.*wink  Definitely worth checking out all the little quilts on display if you're interested in that sort of thing and it goes without saying that Taryn's blog is always worth a visit!


  1. Audrey, I just came from Taryn's link. This is a beautiful runner. Love the little bow ties. Your colors are my colors, lady. I'm just not as patient about hand quilting as you seem to be. : )
    I also love the churn dash quilt (one of my favorite traditional patterns) that is your "current quilt in the hoop".

  2. Saw your runner on Taryn's linky party. I love it! And you are going to love using cheddar! It's so fun! I think every quilt should have a bit of cheddar in it! :o)

  3. I will check it out. I love your little bow ties - I just put my big bow tie quilt on the quilting frame today.

  4. Audrey, this little quilt is so, so darling!! I love those little bow ties!! And the colors are just scrumptious!! I too find myself leaning toward the traditional!! I love to hand quilt and prefer it to machine quilting - but alas, because I have an abundance of projects, I am machine quilting some! I love to make quilts to give away as gifts - so some of them get machine quilted!

    Have a great day!

  5. I am with you - always favor the more traditional look. Your bow tie runner is so dear and I have been admiring the current "quilt in a hoop". Have only recently returned to handquilting after a long absence - it feels good to be back.

    You are spot on - a quilt should make us smile!


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