Saturday, September 1, 2012

Working on Another Unfinished Quilt Top

As I'm going through all my unfinished quilt projects, this quilt keeps nagging at me.  Finish me, finish me.
Border on #4 in 9-patch series
It's part of a series we did in our Pieceable Souls quilt group well over a year ago.  Let me explain.  The idea was for each of us to start out with a very simple block that would remain our 'constant' throughout a series of 4 quilts.   #4 is the only top that I still need to complete and it would probably be done except for the fact that I thought it needed something to liven it up.  Like an applique border or something equally time consuming.*wink
The 9-patch is inside the building block squares
For the first quilt, we chose out our basic block (mine was a 9-patch) and made a minimum of 9 blocks using no more than 2 fabrics.  Then we had to set them together in a straight setting, nothing fancy.  Everything else in this quilt (and the others) came later just for fun.
#1 in the 9-patch series
For the second quilt, we had to use the exact same basic block and either alter the size of the block or change the colors used in the first quilt blocks.  Once again, a min. of 9 blocks sewn and the setting had to be a straight set of some kind.  In this quilt, we could also add in alternate blocks.  I chose to use up some sampler blocks that I had and then kept to a very simple look including the old fashioned straight cut borders.
#2 in 9-patch series
In the third quilt, we had to make our min. of 9 blocks in the same colors of a fabric swatch we were presented with.  We could change the size of our blocks if we wanted and set them in either a straight setting or on-point.  Obviously I chose to do the on-point setting and then later added everything else.
#3 in 9-patch series
In the fourth quilt, we had pretty much unlimited options and so I kind of went backwards and sewed my nine-patch blocks into a bigger block pattern.  I actually copied a quilt I found in a Sharyn Craig book called 'Great Sets'.  The whole idea was to restrict our creativity and then gradually loosen the reigns, hopefully stimulating even more creativity.  I love the idea and have since worked in a series with other quilts (such as my Broken Dish series).  But because we were working as a group and most of us value 'no time pressures', I think my fourth quilt was probably the least creative.  That's probably the real reason I felt like it needed a border so desperately!

For this project to work really well with me and my crazy brain, I think I have to be able to jump immediately into the next idea as the ideas are free flowing.  Still and all, it was a great learning exercise.  For instance, I had no idea how terribly hard it would be for me to be restricted to only using 2 fabrics for all my blocks as in the #1 quilt!


  1. An interesting group activity. It would be hard to get the small quilting group I participate in to do something like this. A few years ago, maybe. Your creativity certainly comes out when you get to your borders. I was trying to read what the quilt # 3 says around the border. I can read all but the left side border to do with flowers.

  2. Wow, what a fun and challenging group experience! I think all the quilts are so wonderfully different. The story that connects them is so cool! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see how that last border turns out!

  3. I am not very good at challenges, but it is fun to do them and try and stretch! It looks like you get an A+!!

  4. I love all of these, especially the two with dark backgrounds. Your border on the first one is fantastic!

  5. What a fun challenge. Love seeing how different the quilts turn out.

  6. What a fun idea for a group project. It is amazing how much variation there is with just one block. Enjoy that applique border, it is going to be pretty when you get it done.

  7. I really love the border on the first quilt! What a great idea.

    1. I tried your e-mail and can't seem to make it work. Thank you for stopping by! It was a great project for learning which is what I always need more of.:)

  8. What an interesting challenge...great job!

  9. Love the first boarder. What great group projects.

  10. This was a great exercise and challenge. You have a great group of ladies. I love your ideas with the 9-patch. That is one of my favorite blocks, simple but you can do much with it -- as you so aptly show. All of your quilts are beautiful. Great work.

  11. What an interesting challenge! I like the results you got at each stage. Of course coming in on it at this point, I've seen a lot of the finished results too (lovely as always). Look forward to seeing #4 when it is done -- that is some border on it!!


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