Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Does This Happen?

The three youngest of my kids are back to school and so I made some time for quilting.  Yay!  Time to get some quilt tops finished up and checked off the list.  The first one on the list went nice and easy.
Ta da!  Completed quilt top!
Until...  Oh no!  Do you see what I see?  Two identical connecting squares framing the block in the very center of the quilt!  Which. Would.  Drive.  Me.  Crazy.
Why does this always happen to me?
I checked a bazillion times!!!!!

I didn't even hesitate.  Too many years of experience to think that I could live and let live with something like this.  I had the square ripped out and put back in place in less than 15 minutes.
That square is actually my dirty carpet....
Some things I let slide and allow myself to be amused at forever.  Other things you just know will always be an irritation.  Like a sliver under your skin.  It's actually a good thing to learn about yourself.*wink
And now it really is done!
So... problem fixed and now this quilt has been documented as a true blue finish.  Of course I'm not ready to start the quilting on it, so it gets to be folded up and put into my drawers of completed quilt tops with all the others for now.
Just because something needed to go right....
Then I went ahead and cut out my binding fabric, pieced it, ironed it and then sewed it onto this little table runner.  (I think the busy fabric will look excellent once it's folded over and hand sewn.) After the big 'fix-it' early in the day, I needed to end on a better note!


  1. Audrey your quilt is gorgeous! love your fabrics you used and I laughed at your dilemma, it happens to many of us...LOL
    Yes you are right the binding fabric is just right, you were right to end on a positive note. that would keep you smiling all day

  2. For the record, I NEVER would have noticed the fabric repeat from the photo, but I'm sure it was different in person. I'm glad you are happy because it looks gorgeous! The table runner is turning out perfect, love the binding you chose! Good for you!

  3. I know what mean, your eye always gets drawn to the one little thing that bothers you. And just 15 mins work and you are completely happy with the finished quilt top. Well done, your quilt is beautiful.

  4. I too would have ripped it out...all the while knowing that no one might ever notice!! Beautiful quilt! Love the fabrics!

  5. Arrrhhhhh! That happens to me all the time too! No matter how many times I check one way, then the other way, walk around it, etc. I usually notice it when I take a picture and show it to someone at work. I actually didn't see your fabrics repeating and still really don't see it .... but I know that you can and it's probably what you focused on. I FEEL FOR YOU!

    Oh yeah .... Beautiful quilt :)

  6. I am just like you and would have to rip that square out and replace it because it would eventually drive me nuts.

  7. I would have never noticed it - I had to go through the photos to find the mistake. - you are right though if you didn't like and it would have bothered you better to change it out.

  8. I love your "goof" quilt. Is it broken dishes? Where did you get the pattern?

    1. Thank you! This broken dishes pattern was in the March/April 2011 Fons & Porter magazine.


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