Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Few Buggy Barn Quilt Show Pictures

Okay, lots of pictures approaching!  The Buggy Barn Quilt Show is probably my very favorite quilt show up to and including Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Sisters has incredible impact, but Buggy Barn inevitably has more of the style of qults that personally appeal to me.  Just saying.
The first quilts you see when you walk up.
I think the top quilt on right was a BOM project.
I'm don't pretend to be a great photographer, but it still saddens me that these pictures don't show the quilts to the best advantage.  I haven't been for 2 yrs? now and I soaked it all in like a starving child.*wink
It really is a beautiful setting to display quilts.
Some years there have been more quilts hanging out through the pasture as well, but there was plenty of eye candy for me and my mom to feast upon.
I've seen this quilt before, but I just love the baskets!
 I couldn't possibly post all the pics and I know you wouldn't seriously want me to....
This lone star was magnificant and the Bloom quilt
is always a favorite--so rich with detail.
 My mom and I stared at the lone star quilt for ages and it was so very interesting.  I adored the colors and raved about how warm and well-blended, how comforting and yet striking the quilt was.  My mom mostly disliked the colors, but thought the balance of lights, darks, warms, etc. were perfect and she took several pictures of the border which she thought was utterly fabulous!
Two of the quilts in the back were so gorgeous,
I wanted to take them home with me....
Mostly, you just stand back and stare at all the quilts hanging on the line and drool.  A lot.
This one in particular had so much movement and
the color balance was superb--subtle, but powerful.
The quilt in the above pic didn't look that great from a distance, but up close it made you sit up and take notice.  If my pic was better, it would all be so obvious.:)
I'm a sucker for nine-patch quilts and this one
was outstanding.  The fabrics were so beautiful.
Like I said, I love this quilt.  I tried to figure out how the quiltmaker made it so outstanding, but finally just gave up.  She had perfect taste in picking out her fabrics or bought a really great kit!
Very nice Settlers Pride quilt and of course
the basket quilt totally did me in.
It was almost noon by the time I took these pictures, so the sun was doing what it does best.

Sorry they're not all close ups, but part of the charm of
this show is the fact that the quilts are displayed on the barns!
These Bonnie Blue quilt patterns and/or kits were for sale in this little barn and they were flying out the door.
I love this quilt to pieces!  I think it and the green one
below are Paula Barnes quilts--stunning quilts!
I resisted, but only because I wanted the kit, not the pattern!  (And there was no money in my wallet for kits last Saturday.)
The greens and blue in this quilt were perfection--
It literally stopped people in their tracks!
I think the blue is a new color out right now--kind of a cobalt or something and it does amazing things with these poison and teal greens.

Such a nice display!
There are always plenty of folky/country quilts at this particular show.  Very sweet.

Every year I've been to this show, they hang this
same flag quilt at the top of the barn.  Love it!
This is the classic Buggy Barn Quilt Show picture--all the quilts on this barn at the top of the little hill.

Yes, they're hanging on the cow pasture fencing.  It's
always a good idea to wear tennies to this show!
I think these may be Paula Barnes quilts as well, but I didn't check out all the details, as I was caught up in staring and drooling.
Perfect setting!
Can you imagine the set-up involved?  They do this two days in a row and hundreds of women (and men) come tromping out to check out the latest and greatest.  I for one, always try to thank them by buying a few fat quarters (at the very least) to show my appreciation.*wink


  1. What a unique way to display quilts for a show. There are many, many quilts that I like so I would say they have my style too.

  2. Oh it's even better than I imagined! Thanks for sharing the photos, I do hope to get there one day.

  3. Beautiful quilt show pictures. There are some real beauties in there. I just love the one with the flying geese in two colors - spectacular!

  4. I've always wanted to go, but I imagine that the heat is daunting to endure - or am I wrong?

  5. Thanks for all the great photos! I think I would have enjoyed this show more than the one I went to. These quilts are more my style. It looks like a fun day and a fun way to see all these quilts. Maybe I can get there some year, I hope.

  6. Great Quilts! You have me headed to my sewing machine right now!
    Pinned a few quilts on Pinterest if you don't mind. http://pinterest.com/hollyfieldquilt/great-quilts/ If you do mind, just let me know. I really don't want to loose track of these great quilts.

  7. Wow, great eye candy. So many wonderful quilts....thanks for sharing your photos.


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