Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Finish and a New Hand Quilting Effort

I finally completed my little Bow-ties table runner!  Just sat down with my daughter one evening and hand stitched the binding on while we visited.  She was stitching a heart shaped crazy patch on one of her sweatshirts, but had lots to talk about (start of a new school year and all).  Before I knew it, my little quilt was finished and I was looking at it like, what? where?  Too funny.
Little Bow-ties
So...., no more delays.  It's time to get serious and put a real quilt back in the hoop again.  This Monkey Wrench quilt top was completed at least three years ago and it is absolutely the next in line to be quilted.  I was extremely happy with how it turned out at the time, but you know how new projects can begin to overshadow the old ones?  Uh huh.
Monkey Wrench
My intentions are to keep the hand quilting very simple, but I am at a complete loss at what to do with the border.  Hopefully my subconscious will be busy figuring that out while I'm working on the rest of it.*wink


  1. Congrats on your finish! The bow ties look perfect! Isn't it fun when the binding goes so quickly?

    And I really like your Monkey Wrench quilt. Good luck on the border, when you get to it. I never know how to quilt borders either.

  2. Your little bowties turned out perfectly! I really love them. The monkey wrench is great too, I too am curious as to how you are going to quilt it. Enjoy!

  3. it is amazing how much we can get done with while we chat!

  4. Love your tablerunner, congrats on a finish. Monkey Wrench is looking great. Good luck and enjoy the quilting.

  5. You have an ideal spot to display the bow tie runner.
    When my little quilting group gets together, we seem to do more talking than stitching.

  6. Your table runner finished up so beautiful!
    Love the wrench quilt - yes, sometimes those borders speak to us while we work on other parts.

  7. I just did a cable on a border on my r&w and love how it turned out.
    Love your bow ties and the newest one going in the frame!!


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