Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspiration Found in Unlikely Places

I feel like I've been run over by a truck.  Very long weekend, lots of late night visiting and family time, plus plenty of good food and Easter fun.  My quilting time was practically non-existent, although I did get in just a tiny bit of time doing prep work on my Worry Baskets.  I tell myself that it all adds up eventually.
Japanese Quilt Magazines
Yesterday afternoon I found these magazines in a 2nd hand shop.  I almost overlooked them because this is actually the back cover of the magazines!  What we would consider the front cover is completely covered in ads which made them fairly uninteresting at first look.  Then I happened to catch a glimpse of a picture of a quilt and of course my curiosity was piqued!  These magazines were published in Japan and the best I can figure out from reading the rare ad printed partially in English, the publish date is around 1986--approx. 25 yrs. ago!

Some lovely traditional quilts
I had to buy them just to satisfy my curiosity and I've had a lot of fun glancing through them even though I don't read Japanese.  Naturally, the pictures translate just fine.*wink  I've already found several pages to tear out and put in my Inspiration binders.  Score!


  1. Lucky you--the magazines are a wonderful find! I have one of them that I purchased around 1992 or earlier--the one with the Mariner's Compasses on it--quite expensive as I recall for a magazine, but full of inspiration!

  2. The Japanese read from back to front in our way of reading so the back is the front.


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