Friday, April 13, 2012

Struggling a Little

So, I started to work on my Broken Dishes Part Deux quilt.  I love how the blocks are coming along with the funky mix of big print block pieces and the random big print background.  Truly a major challenge for this blendy, blendy gal.  But, I haven't been feeling super great this week so I lost steam pretty quickly.
Broken Dishes Part Deux
Must be allergy season already although there doesn't seem to be much blooming yet.  Whatever.  My head not feeling so great started making me feel cranky about all these triangles (of which I'm not good at the precision piecing thing).  Grrrr...  Sure, sure, there are other ways that work really slick and everything comes out wonderfully, but those ways irritate me at the best of times.  Besides, I had already decided to make sure and include some blocks where the piecing was off just enough to give the quilt that old fashioned utility, throw together look.  Hah!  I'm starting to wonder if I jinxed myself because I'm having to use a seam ripper endlessly to make sure they don't all look like a wandering chipmunk sewed on my blocks.
Pairing things up because I can be a control freak in my own way.
Told you I was cranky.  I decided to mix it up a little to get out of my very bad, no-good-mood rut.  I sewed all the inside triangles to the middle squares (one big stack of goodness) so I can work on the outside piecing in my usual sets of 4 to 6.  Maybe it will jostle something in my brain so the piecing starts working out a little better.*wink
My normal sets of 4 to 6.
Then I started wondering if it was all the lavender, purple, gray and black that was making me feel so moody.  All of my life, it seems like wearing purple or lavender has had the distinct effect of majorly depressing me lowering my mood levels just a bit.  It could follow that sewing those colors could be having a detrimental effect on my quilty mood, riiiiight? 
Sometimes I need to work with DIFFERENT colors.  The end.
I pulled out this project that has been languishing of late.  It's so sunny and cheerful that I knew it would be the one to get me out of the doldrums.  Usually letters are not my 'fun' thing to applique, but this quilt has had definitely worked its charm on me this time.  Thank goodness.  I was wondering if I should just set my quilt room on fire and get it over with....

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