Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Think it May be a Completed Quilt Top

So..., here it is.  Those colors/fabrics I was in the mood to work with?   All along they were planned for use in my 'Spring Forward' quilt (which used to be my 'Awkward Tulip' quilt before I decided it needed a more dignified name).  Then the little bird looked like it needed to be a different fabric and somehow he/she? got a little chunkier in the transformation.  Hmmm, Is that a reflection on what winter has done to me this year?  
Series #1 Nine Patch quilt
I will never tell.  The office is calling my name again and paperwork is piled so high it's getting harder and harder to ignore these days.  Maybe, just maybe,  I need to cut back on my quilting time for a few days and re-direct my efforts toward the book work whether I want to or not...  But before I attack that particular problem, this quilt seemed to need a little bit of attention before I forgot what it was I was attempting to accomplish with this project.  It turned out to be a rather interesting mix of colors didn't it?  Impulsively using the white fabric lettering completely changed (and hijacked) the look of this quilt from what I originally intended.  As I've said before, white is not my favorite color to work with and so it definitely made for some aggravation interesting moments.  If I can make up my mind to call this the last border, I might actually have another completed quilt top and thus another UFQ ready to move to the 'ready to hand quilt' pile.  Be still my beating heart.*wink

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  1. Great finish on the top, now you get to look forward to the quilting, Yay!


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