Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trying to Make Something Happen Can Have Unintended Consequences

I am having one of those days.  Lots I want to get done and wouldn't you know it, there are Interruptions with a capital I.  Important things like picking up dog food, dropping kids off at practice, etc. etc.  In between I valiantly kept sewing and then of course it happened.  The dreaded big oops!  I just hate that, getting all cozy with the seam ripper again.  Seriously, bet you thought I didn't own one.*wink  
Working on my geese.
Aren't they pretty?  Hmmm, maybe an entire quilt of them?
You are NOT seeing things.
Grrrr, I sewed it on upside down....
The colors look bad in the photo--too washed out,
which makes it hard to determine if this is actually working or not?
Have to add the little birdy on another day 'cuz now I'm fried.
Hmmmm, maybe it does have too much white?

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