Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting Scrappy

I was very, very brave and added the Scrap Attack button from onto my blog.  I despise deadlines whenever it pertains to my quilting as it seems to be yet another stressor in life, but sometimes deadlines are good for me and I know this.  I have been wanting to do something with my scrap pile of doom and gloom for quite awhile, but you know how those scrap projects can end up. Endlessly cutting into little scrappy pieces for weeks on end to make a lap size project that may turn out sorta okay-ish.  Uggh!  When I saw the post about this Scrap Attack Project, my knees grew weak and I knew this could be THE project. 
My trial run scrappy hack and sew log cabin blocks
The focus piles from the scrap pile of doom.
Lets not get too crazy here, I'm trying to relax...
I probably have at least 10 quilting books that are solely about scrap quilting, and you know I always use a hundred fabrics when 20 would probably work fine--not for me.  Sure, the log cabin block is very 'yawn' to some but I knew I needed something very basic for this little project.  Forget precise measurements and think hack and sew or pasting the button to my blog is all that would ever happen around here.  Quilting is the one area in my life that I revel in breaking and/or ignoring rules and telling my inner control freak to go take a nap.  Mix that up with my frugal 'never throw anything out' side, and sisters, we are in business.*wink

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