Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Quilt in the Hoop

 UPDATE:  So sorry for any confusion.  If you want to find this pattern, it was published in the 2002 November/December issue of Fon's & Porter Love of Quilting Magazine!  It is NOT in the American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

The new quilt in the hoop.  This is a Pat Sloan pattern published in an older issue of American Patchwork and Quilting (one of my long term subscriptions).  I actually bought the initial fabric to make this quilt approximately three years ago, very carefully matched all my supporting fabrics to that special fabric, and then determined that I couldn't use my first fabric anywhere in the quilt.  At all.  Not the first time that has happened to me, but it always manages to disappoint and surprise me.  I decided it was too wonderful to use for backing fabric and finally squeezed it into another quilt top later on.  Why oh why can I not 'see' my quilts from start to finish?  This is one of the very few patterns I did not add extra borders onto, mostly because it seemed perfect as is.  Hopefully the hand quilting will go smoothly.  I plan to use a Sulky thread I usually have to use Beeswax with so it may go slower than usual.  One of these days I plan to get brave and try Perle cotton.:)
These are the basket blocks I completed over the holidays (+ one that didn't get in the picture).  I am finally to the point where I have less than 100 baskets blocks left to applique before I can move on to the appliqued setting triangles!!  Progress is being made in leetle tiny bites at a time.*wink


  1. Hi Audrey, lovely quilt to put in the hoop, and I'm getting ready to start on those baskets as well. Looks like there's lots of prepping to do? and I haven't decided how to prep the applique - how did you do it?


  2. The Be Thankful quilt is gorgeous! I can't wait to see that completed.

  3. I'm so glad other people appreciate this quilt!

  4. The "Be Thankful" quilt is a very good design. The colors are my style.

  5. I love baskets and whimsical both, so this was fun to make.:)

  6. I love your version of my "Be Thankful"!

  7. I love your quilt! I am in the middle of hang quilting one using the same pattern. I put it away along time ago, thank you for the jog in my memory...I must go get it out and finish. : )

  8. I think the funky tall baskets totally make this quilt, plus the cozy, comforting colors. It's been one of my favorites to hand quilt.:)


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