Monday, January 2, 2012

Only One Day Late

I finished the hand quilting on New Years Day.  It looked like I was closing in on it the day before New Years Eve, but then I spread the quilt out on the floor and took a really hard look at all the quilting.  Yep, that niggley, nagging feeling I'd been trying to extinguish was not gonna give up on me for love or money.  And I tried, believe me I tried.*wink  There was some little, but slightly obnoxious areas that needed just a touch more hand quilting to get a clean, continuous look throughout.  You know what I mean.  It's not always an 'evenly quilted' matter, sometimes it merely means that 'certain' areas just don't look like they've been quilted enough.  Which basically means--enough for the eye to not hesitate in those areas at all, ever.  When you have the whole quilt yelling at you about it, there's really no other answer but to shove the quilt back into the hoop and re-thread your needle.*sigh  Today I tried to figure out what top I want to hand quilt next, but I'm having a dilemma.  It's a good one, although I do admit to a bit of panic over it.  I've been asked to display my quilts as the 2012 guest quilter in our little towns quilting show this coming Summer (completely unbelievably unnerving).  The way I figure it, unless I want to permanently bloody my fingers for the next 6 months or so, I can only feasibly hand quilt three (maybe four if I do something super simple) more quilts before the shows arrival.  I'm realistic enough to know that unless I keep working with new projects, colors, patterns and lots more lovely fabrics at the same time, I'll lose my desire to ever hand quilt again in this century.  NOT A GOOD IDEA.  But now I'm stuck in major indecision mode.  Do I only hand quilt the worthy quilts or do I go with my normal, but slightly incomprehensible schedule and let the chips fall where they may?

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