Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 List of Finishes

The other day I stumbled onto a list of 2011 finishes on a quilt blog somewhere and thought, why not?  I've never done this before and decided it would be a fun way to chronicle my accomplishments for the year.  I am very close to finishing another quilt, but also know that it will not be done (as in completely FINISHED) before December 31 at midnight.  And that's really a sad thing to me because I would so love to put another quilt on this list and make it look like yours truly is a seriously dedicated quilter girl with her nose to the grindstone all the day long.*wink  This quilty blogging world is and has been a wonderfully inspiring thing to me.  The colors, fabrics and patterns people use are endlessly intriguing and fascinating.  Isn't it amazing the way people go about the business of creating? The flip side is that it sometimes causes me to second guess my own abilities and assumptions that I too am a bona fide quilter girl.  THERE ARE SOME SERIOUSLY INCREDIBLE QUILTERS OUT THERE! After a long time of quietly searching for quilters that consistently inspire and make me want to get back to the quilt room and get busy, I now have that inspiration at my fingertips every single day!  Yay!!  After much contemplation (and chewing off of a a few fingernails), I joined up with blog this year.  I am the dork over there, but since I do honestly love and adore hand quilting it is hard to stay away.  As always, I did get a couple quilt tops done this year and many more are in the works (in my head as well as in totes stacked around my quilt room). Anyway--back to the 2011 finishes!  These are the quilts I chose to get finished up--the good, the bad, and the ugly.  My apologies for the poor photos, blah blah blah....
An old quilt top I (quickly) finished up to give for a baby gift--
It's the thought that counts, believe it.
The quilt I made to be given in the
Pieceable Souls quilt exchange earlier in the year.
Ack!! Now it has been examined in great detail I'm sure.
Baby quilt made for a beautiful new niece.
If I'm not careful, I might just convert to modern stuff...
Pieceable Souls Around the Block challenge quilt--
So much to learn from this project still.
Log cabin quilt--
 made just for ME 'cuz I love, love, love Log Cabin quilts,
always have, always will.
Basket quilt made from a new (impulse) fabric purchase--
mixed with old fabric just for the challenge of it all.
Grandmothers Pride quilt--
all because of a quilt pattern I fell in love with one day.
Gotta watch out for those tempting quilt patterns.
So that's the line-up for 2011.  I still find myself dreaming of quilts and imagining all the wonderful stuff I could put together if I could JUST FIND THE TIME.  I'm not sure what the definition of a true-blue quilter is, but when I almost cry at the fat quarters my sweet (but mostly bemused) husband gives me for Christmas, I know I have it bad.:)

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