Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Self Preservation

I really thought that my kids Christmas break would be a slowed down version of the weekend, only maybe a little more festive. Wowsers!  The slowed down part is so not happening yet.  And why didn't anyone ever tell me that the teenager stage of parenting can suck all of the daylight out of a day?  It's a good thing I'm hopelessly crazy about my kids and know how to put my little quilting obsessions into perspective.*wink  I've been pulling out my hand quilting and trying to get a frame or two done every couple evenings just for self preservation.  (Unlike kids, hand quilting doesn't demand very much out of you.)  My goal dream is to finish the quilting part of this quilt before the new year.  It's good for a girl to have a dream.:)


  1. I love this is going to be a beauty!
    and time out for quilting (self preservation time)is always a good thing!! better time to think and clear the mind than when quilting....then everyone is happy!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Thanx Tim! This quilt has truly been a relaxing one to work on and time flies when I get it out and get to work.

  3. Hi, Audrey. Stopped by to enjoy your blog. I like your "make-do" attitude. You're working on a lovely quilt. Happy holiday stitching!
    best from Tunisia,

  4. Thanx Nadia, this quilt makes me smile and that's worth a lot.:)


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