Friday, January 13, 2012

Moving From Project to Project

Getting a little bit done on a couple different projects this week.  I finally broke down and bought some small totes to help organize my scraps for this latest Scrap Attack project.  I know it does looks rather futile with the scraps looming behind, but this small defense against all the chaos does help!  I don't have what you'd call a pretty quilting room, but it's all mine and until my kids get old enough to move out, it's good enough for me.
A little better organized.  Ha!
  Watch out for the avalanche behind!
I used to cut all my scraps into 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" strips, but somewhere along the line it stopped working for me.  I do so much more applique than I used to and I rather enjoy having various chunks of fabric to randomly cut into without feeling like I'm 'wasting' any fabric.  Ahem.  By not wasting fabric, I also seem losing the corner of my quilt room.*wink
15 blocks into Scrap Attack
I'm tentatively planning to complete a minimum of 56 blocks, which I'm really, really hoping can be done using only fabric from THE scrap heap.  I'm finding that I don't have nearly as much dark brown fabric as I'd hoped to have, but if I can do something profitable with these little odds and ends, this project will be sooo worthwhile.  The log cabin pattern is very simple and I'm finding it extremely relaxing and enjoyable to sew up a few of these at a time.  At some point I will probably throw in a few small pieces of a bright blue?  Still thinking on that.
All Grayed Down project 
This is a project that I played with the fabric for several months, drew up a pattern, dithered around with and then slowly starting cutting out and sewing up a few blocks.  The fabric was divided up into four groups: Lightest, Lights, Mediums, and Medium Darks.  I have all the first two groups of fabric cut out and sewn into blocks and now I'm working on the Mediums.  This is kind of a puzzle piece pattern with blocks ranging from 3" to 10".  The patterns are all very simple patterns so as not to detract from the applique blocks I intend to do after I finish all my piecing.  I'm not sure how good an idea this was, if it will look good, or really, if it will even look anything at all like I envisioned.  Sometimes that can be a problem.*smirk  Ya think?
Worth every penny, believe me....
These are the books I've been relying on to figure out my cuts for the individual blocks in 'All Grayed Down'.  I have used these books over and over through the years (This is actually my second copy of Judy Hopkins book as I bought the previous ones before she combined them under one cover).  Some books may not be flashy, but they are worth their weight in gold.

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