Monday, June 13, 2011

Trusting My Instincts

This was the initial inspiration for my quilt. Simple and understated. Which I promptly changed up. Don't I always?
Of course I wanted to use prints, NOT solids--resulting in a totally different impact. I did try to mix up some more modern prints with the small florals and prints and of course I used plaids and stripes. They tend to be the bedrock of my own personal style for some reason.
The 'floating' 4-patches definitely did what I wanted them to do, which was move the eye around. So why did the whole quilt top look flat? Sometimes this is just a temporary thing until the actual quilting adds texture. This time I decided that my interpretation of the original quilt lost out somewhere in transition, but with a little help from my friends, we would go forward! After much searching and playing around with applique ideas, I came up with this little trio of lollypop trees and the owl from a picture on my sisters blog (actually an ad picture if you want to get technical). I LOve, love, love my red leaves on the trees. They absolutely shine. I find it very interesting that I used such pale blues and dark pinky reds together. I think I am finally trusting in my instincts to do THE RIGHT Thing. It's a scary process. Very hard work for the insecure, easily intimidated quilter of which I am trying shed through trial and error and lets not forget experience......

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  1. I just love the combination of the blocks with the siple trees. Beautiful, trust your instinct! Greetings


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