Friday, April 1, 2011

No Commitment Quilt Exchange

Our Pieceable Souls quilt group finally had our 'No Commitment' quilt exchange we've been talking about for about 3 years! Anybody bringing a lap size quilt got to take somebody else's quilt home. We ended up with only five quilts to exchange, but everybody was excited. It's funny how much we appreciate other people's quilts when we know the effort involved in getting them to completion. All the quilts were quilted on long arm machines except for mine, which was hand quilted. I ended up with the scrappy squares quilt at the top in the greens, pinks, browns and blues--made by my little sister so I am extremely happy to get this springy quilt.:) The quilt I contributed is the next to last quilt with appliqued flowers of course. The light in my living room is terrible in the evening so the quilts don't look anywhere near as good as they did in person. They were all much more vibrant and colorful than the photos show.


  1. wow - how big were these lap quilts?!?! They're absolutely beautiful =)

  2. the smallest quilt was about 54" square and the largest maybe 72". we just wanted them big enough to curl up with.:)


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