Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Forever Project

These are the Blackbird Design baskets I've been working on FOREVER (like December 2009?).*wink I have all the blue baskets done and now I've started working on the yellow ones. It's crazy how long this kind of handwork takes and I'm certainly not what you would call dedicated. I might even have ADD when it comes to quilting. lol! I asked my husband if he thought I'd lost my mind to start such a never-ending project and he hemmed and hahhed and decided he would comment with a 'no comment'. Smart guy. This stuff soothes the ragged edges of my reality called life.:) Anyway, I'm hoping I'll at least get through the yellow baskets before I lose interest and jump into the next quilting project. Sometimes it takes me months to return, but I know I will eventually. This quilt will be worth every minute spent on it, I'm sure of that!

1 comment:

  1. Have spent a pleasant time looking over your posts, thank you for sharing your talents and ideas. Re: the forever quilt, which is charming, I LOVE baskets, my standard response is "If I were in a hurry I'd go to Sears and buy a blanket".


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