Friday, March 4, 2011

Medallion Quilt Frustration

I am making progress on my medallion repro quilt--Finally! This last border has been very frustrating. I had to put it up for awhile and just let it simmer. You know when something looks flat or uninspiring? Well, this top was starting to lose it's spark and I hate it when I can't figure out why. I was starting to wonder if the quilt top was DONE, move on woman and get over it. lol! Then, I pulled it out a couple days ago and starting playing around with the fabrics, re-introducing the unfinished border segments I already gave the old heave ho to, and trying to find my missing link. I ended up flipping the red and black triangles so that the red touched up against the purple, pulling a strong dynamic turquoise (which I was determined not to use in this quilt) into the very center of the quilt--see the little circle dead center?, and getting rid of my salmony pink I was getting ready to use on the next border. Ughhh, what was I thinking? Anyway, the turquoisey blue gives the quilt a punchy, much needed, 'Zing' and makes my black triangles look more 'black' and less watered down like they were looking before. If I can transition into my next border like I intend to, this quilt will be better than I even hoped. My mistake was in thinking that I could replicate a picture of an old quilt instead of simply using it for inspiration.:)

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