Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Semi-finished Quilt Top

Woohoo!! A semi-completed quilt top! I thought I'd slip in a picture of my quilt room during the 'afters'. Of course I had to pick up the obsessively overflowing pile of scraps and shove it out of the way just to take a decent picture of my quilt and Naturally, I've had to pick up fabric and thread about twenty times already so seriously, that's a very tidy quilt room I have there.:) hehe This quilt top has been so interesting. It's the first time in a long time that I've been so extremely irritated about not being able to use more than about 1/4 of my design wall (since it's hiding behind my counter still). This pattern could have definitely used some room to grow and develop and instead I had to pile my fabric out in a 'train' stack and kind of eyeball it or sew my rows and then try and rearrange them ad lib. I didn't have enough fabric for some of the middle rows so I had to up and scoot them to the corners which caused me no end of trouble when I got there too. I ended up ripping two rows completely out and digging through my totes for for more fabric choices. I love the warm, mellow but rich feeling PART of this quilt conveys, but somehow I ended up with three different rows of yellow on about 1/3 of the quilt that are alternately too bright, too dull and too spotty--don't think you can really see them from this picture but believe me--they're there! blerk! I tried taking a picture of this in my living room but the light is awful in the evening. Oh well. I think I'll need to add a simple border to this is I can figure out how to do it without ruining it. lol! 72" x 83" is just a tad too small for our bed where I intend for this to end up for a long time.:)

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