Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Desperation, The Great Motivator

I finally picked up my hand quilting again. Life is stressful and I just couldn't handle it without a needle in my hand. No ideas or brainstorming breakthroughs, but I determined that something needed to happen. I grabbed my hoop, got all situated, threaded my needle and perused my quilt. Hmmmm, I looked at the oblong lid to my little plastic catchall for needles, thread etc. and thought 'why not?' I placed the lid vertically in the center of my scallops, outlined it with my marking pencil--then quilted it. After that I marked (freehand) just inside of that by about 3/4 of an inch. Then I placed the rounded end of my thread spool directly in the center of that and marked and quilted the rest. Eureka! After I quilted about three sets, I began to see some definition that I could see was positively inspired. lol! They do say that desperation is the mother of invention! I like it! It's going well now and I'm starting to sleep better at night again.:)

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