Friday, August 6, 2010

Trying To Be Frugal

I'm trying to be very frugal in this particular year of bad economy and uncertain future. It's a challenge to use 'just from my stash' and create something I'm proud of. Thankfully, I usually buy fabrics that I love/adore/are intrigued by/know are useful/and/or are in appropriately lovely colors. I gave up buying fabrics I feel sorry for or think are languishing away from lack of serious creative effort several years ago. lol Combine my wonderful, yet surprising meager now that it's all I have to choose from, stash with my love of scrappy quilts and I'm not getting stalled yet. However, I have this tremendous urge to go buy fabric just BECAUSE!! I'm sure there's lots of fabric out there that would love to belong to me. I'm positive I'm missing something wonderful by staying home and being good.:) But maybe I'll learn something for my fabric buying habits of next year and future years to come if I stick it out--something really momentous, like 'always buy a full yard of black'. I'm a teachable quilter. I think.:)

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