Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Getting There

I like quilts. All kinds. Sometimes I think I'm all over the place with my quilting preferences, but in fact I'm not. About 10 years ago, I went through all my quilting magazines and books and made a very long list. I wrote down every little thing that I liked about each quilt that caught my eye. I discovered some interesting things. I like the log cabin pattern, no matter what color it is made in. I like utilitarian and traditional quilts. I Love antique quilts. I liked every scrappy quilt I saw--the pattern didn't matter. I'm very drawn to applique, esp. flowers and birds. I like the primitive, folk art look. If a quilt is done in medium to dark reds, yellows, greens, blues, (bubblegum) pinks, oranges, browns or blacks, I'm looking at it. Now I know that I like the new modern quilt look too with it's bold patterns and faintly vintage attitude. This list gets updated every couple years and helps me figure out what I need to be working on in order to end up with quilts I fall in love with. My goal is to learn how to make the quilts that I used to DREAM of owning. I'm getting there.:)

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