Monday, August 23, 2010

Not A Quilty Weekend

I was gone for a long weekend and deliberately did not take my quilting with me. It was a 'family' weekend, not a quilty weekend. I missed it dreadfully. Even 15 minutes a day revives me like nothing else can. I'm hoping that I'll have a clearer mind now and make some headway with some quilty decisions I've been struggling with, like: What to do with the next border on quilt #1? How to cut out one of my gorgeous stacks of fabric for quilt #2? Do I want quilt #3 to be the next quilt I sandwich and get ready to hand quilt? etc. etc. I always have several quilts in various stages of completion because I don't have the staying power to make any quilt from start to finish in one big fell swoop. Plus, most of my quilts need time to simmer and develop some character. lol

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