Monday, April 8, 2024

All the Applique Projects

I'm having trouble making enough time for quilting these days. I so thought that I'd be back on track and plowing through all the many ideas percolating! Nope. Just having one of those years. Mainly,  I'm trying to quit pushing and just go with the flow, slow though it is.

A little basket border
I've got several applique projects all prepped and ready to go, though there hasn't been any stitching on that lately. First off, is the baskets for Peace Always. No forward progress since last September! The next border will be a little basket surround with possibly a little flower or something inside. We'll see how that goes.

Larger basket blocks
The second project is something that I just couldn't resist. These are the cut-out baskets from behind the baskets blocks in Berries and Baskets, a quilt top from a year ago. Just needed to figure out a background and then cut out some basket handles. There's something about baskets that seem to make my heart very happy!

Lots of orange
The third applique project is the borders for Melon Patch Blossom. It was super tempting to leave the quilt 'as is', but it was rather small. And..... you know how I love to figure out new ways to add applique onto a quilt! 

Love stitching tulips
The Fourth project I have with prepped applique is Good Vibes. It's part of the circle series that I'm playing with. Just thought it would look better with some sort of border so I guess it'll be tulips for the sides and maybe some pieced cross blocks for the top and bottom.

Gotta find time for the stitching
Then there is the impulse applique project from a couple weeks ago, all the flower, stem and leaves out of the the orphaned applique parts tote. It feels really good to have these projects ready for stitching, but so far it hasn't motivated me to find that time. Uggh. I'm starting to feel grouchy about not having time but I also know that potential 'available time' could be organized much, much better. 

This season of still having a somewhat recovering husband and all the other things has been challenging for this routine oriented person that I am. As to the quilting room, all that's really been happening there is mending. I had quite a few things that needed hemming or in the case of a couple skirts, a bit of alteration. Thankfully I've only gained back a couple pounds from last year, so I'm still in the smaller size than what I've been wearing for the last decade or so. Amazingly enough, I'm still keeping up on my Yoga! Ahh, it feels so good! Just can't give it up even if I find myself fitting it in at 9 at night. It's been a wonderful way to keep all my worries at bay this past half of a year. It's incredibly relaxing and I'm really appreciating how much more fit and healthy I feel these days.*sigh Was somewhat resigned to having the soft, traditional grandma shape and/or batwing arms, but hmmm... maybe it's okay if we go ahead and push that off for another couple years? Well.., the arms still needs an enormous amount of work but eventually, enough downward dogs ought to remedy the worst of it, right!

We went to a {friend of my husbands} wedding on Saturday, elderly couple. It was the sweetest, quirkiest wedding we've ever attended. The total number of people there was seven and that included the bride and groom! Coming from a family with 11 children, it was actually a bit shocking to not see more friends and family at such an important life event. They seemed very happy though so that's all that matters! We have a cousins funeral to attend this coming weekend and then, next week is when another of our grandchildren is due to be born. Our daughter, her husband and baby are flying in to visit for a week later this month {so exciting!}, and then next month is when we start getting ready for the church campout thing that we do annually up in the mountains.

Will no doubt keep plugging along with my hand quilting and other than the Bramble Blooms QAL, just grab the quilting muse whenever there's a spare minute or two. Expect me to continue posting erratically until things return to normal-ish. Whatever that is....


  1. that is a small wedding - like you I come from a large family and there would be a crowd for a "small informal" wedding and it would all be family. I used to do yoga and then quit years ago - I wish I hadn't I really need to get back to yoga stretch exercises.

  2. Your QIP's are looking so terrific...hoping you can find some few minutes for quilting wishes for your DH's speedy recovery...
    Life just happens sometimes for sure...hugx2 Julierose

  3. Many fun projects in process. Exciting, thanks for sharing. Have fun with your summer plans too.

  4. Your writing is energizing to me. It helps me know —again and again— that making useful art is a wonderful way to spend one’s life. Thanks!
    (Exits to garden)

  5. It is wonderful to have lots of applique prepped for relaxed summer stitching. I am always frantically putting things together , hot summer night, so I have something to take to the beach in the morning.
    My fave here is the pink bouquet of mixed blooms. Outstanding and adorable. And I looked back at Berries and Blooms, the finished basket top from last year is wonderful too.


  6. I read your posts though I seldom comment, but just know they are always encouraging, supporting, and a joy to read. Yesterday I was cutting the interior away from an applique piece and you popped into my mind! "Audrey would be better cutting this excess out so it could be utilized later in another applique". LOL Many thanks. Continued healing and healthy days ahead for your husband.
    Rondi /

  7. Another inspiring post! For not having much time you sure get a lot done! :) The orange and turquoise border is wonderful and fun!
    I need to start prepping some projects too but it is sooo boring.
    That was a small wedding …. I also come from a large family and am so grateful for that.
    Louise S-S

  8. I see I'm not the first person to use the word "inspiring" about your words. Congratulations on the new family member. I hope the "younger people" will once again take over most of the work on the camping retreat. I have a few more things to sew down on step 2 of BB and will send you the photo when it happens.

  9. Your two border projects both look like much fun. And, they got me wondering whether you have made more basket or tulip quilts! They both seem to be perennial favorites. Another grandbaby to love, always such sweet news. We're beyond the grandbaby phase and now looking forward to more great-grandbabies.

  10. I'm with you on routine - I can cram a lot into life if I have a routine to carry me through, but disrupt it and everything slides away from me. Hopefully you will get back on track as life returns to normal (if there is such a thing with families). In the meantime, you seem pretty productive to me.


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