Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Can't Believe It's Already November!

I've been trying to make a little bit of progress on the growing list of applique projects. Why oh why does it never seem to shrink by much? Hmm.. Maybe if I'd quit adding to it so cheerfully?

Putting the applique in the sashing this time!
I finally got the first section of the Melon Patch Blossom quilt sewn together this week. It's not very wide so of course I will probably want to add on a border. These blocks are quite simple, but the orange fabric felt like a good choice to help make the applique pieces pop. I'm not sure what the little circle things are. At first the idea was to make little pomegranates and then this shape came into play. My daughter says it looks like a tomato which now, I cannot un-see!
Loving the happy colors
The 'petals' in the sashing are some leftovers from the original Melon Patch quilt, of which there had been many changes even getting up to that point! In fact, as many of you know, this will be the third Melon Patch quilt using up parts and pieces. The second one in the series is here if you'd like to take a look. All I know is, all three quilts together are already much, much more interesting than the original quilt idea ever would have been. Nothing at all like what I expected to end up with though!
Thinking about a border solution
I'm getting closer and closer to a quilt top with Good Vibes, another of the Circle Game quilts. Each quilt is made out of the cut-out circles from behind the one before. Some day I'll have to post my series quilts in order at the top of the blog just so I can keep track! These blocks are 19 1/2" inches so I may be making Circle Game quilts for a long time as it will take a very long time for there to be nothing decent left to work with. It's definitely been an intriguing bit of play, but sometimes it feels hard to be increasingly creative with large circles. Still have a couple ideas left in the tank though and of course, all the doing will undoubtedly generate something more. Isn't that the way it's supposed to work?
Getting ready to sew some sashing to the blocks
I've also been trying to get the hand sewing done for the centerpiece to Bramble Blooms I. Several projects waiting patiently in line right behind it. Most all of the leaves and stems are sewn down and then next up will be the flowers. At this point I'm very seriously considering cutting the flowers out just a skootch bigger as I like them just this way. Don't want to lose any impact when the seam allowance is sewn under! It happens so often around here, you'd think I'd be prepared, but nope! Always surprises me to think I have to cut out another, slightly larger set.
BBI centerpiece
And, I finally, finally got all the hand quilting completed on the Positive Thinking quilt. Don't know why, but the hand quilting was not quite as soothing and meditative as it normally would be with this particular quilt. Love how it looks now that it's finished up, but I think the thread didn't show up quite as well as I generally prefer. So pleased to have it almost wrapped up now. 

This was a 2020 AHIQ Challenge that started the whole idea and I am quite, quite positive it would never have happened without that particular prompt. Still running a little behind with the other challenges. There's a sun I need to do {working on the applique prep right now} and now, an Improv. border to incorporate into a quilt. Hmm.. I can totally envision creating an entire quilt just to play with a special Improv. border!...... 
Next up is the hand sewing on the binding
I was super happy to find all the binding needed in the leftover binding tote. It has pink, blue and purple binding sewn on now and doesn't seem to be the least bit bothered by the scrappy, make-do look. Kind of goes with the upcycled shirts already used in it! Always thrills me to be able to use up any of the leftover bits and pieces of binding, applique parts and/or quilting blocks. Yay for frugality and making do!

Okay, that's the quick wrap up for what's been happening in the quilt room around here. I have been spending boat loads of time getting the posts figured out for the Bramble Blooms QAL. SO much work. I don't know why I didn't think about how much time the posts alone might take! Hopefully everyone participating is finding the QAL fun or at the very least, maybe being coaxed out of their comfort zone? I am absolutely blown away by all of the interest and creativity happening by the participants. Wowsers, how amazing is that we have close to 25 Bramble Blooms quilters on the list already? Love it! 


  1. you need to unfold that quilt in the last photo next post and show it to us - I love those colors

  2. I’m going to have a go at making my first improv quilt as the Bramble Bloom! First quilt ever, in fact! Thanks for the ’shove’!

  3. Hi I love your quilts and definitely a giving Bramble Bloom a go.

  4. Love your orange quilt (the song that immediately jumped into my brain was that oldie "Tangerine" :}}} ) So pretty with those melon sashings...
    I am a bit stalled on the Bramble myself until I heal up ;0000--but I am auditioning fabrics and I had cut a few templates...before the accident!! For myself, sizing is what i find difficult--but keeping at it...
    Hugs Julierose

  5. Quiltdivajulie - such a lovely way to encourage us on the idea of multiple quilts in a series (without being overtly obvious)! Perhaps all you need is some time now with the 2020 Positivity challenge quilt - I think it is marvelous in ever so many ways.

  6. I'm so appreciative of the time you're putting into this quilt along! I'm enjoying it so much, I just finished my appliqué this morning and eagerly waiting for the next assignment!

  7. I am glad I am not the only one with multiple applique applique projects going. Congrats on finishing the quilting on Positive Thinking! I thought apples when I saw your corner stone applique.

  8. Beautiful colours in your Melon Patch Blossom quilt Audrey and like the use of the left over petals being brought into the sashing, great idea. You're moving along with your applique for Bramble Blooms faster than I am, still trying to loosen up my ideas right now. I'm sure we all appreciate the time you put in to the amazing posts for BB1, it must take ages and you could be quilting vyour own quilts, but thank you so much for taking me on a new adventure!

  9. Hi, Audrey -- I finally got my Bramble Blooms underway. I composed a post about the project today.

  10. I just love Melon Patch. Who knew that the sashing could be the star of the quilt?

  11. Orange, melons and fruit, lots of my favorite things, very happy.
    I have my center pieced and colors picked out for Bramble Blooms QAL.

  12. This Melon Patch quilt rocks! The orange X blocks with the pinks is just delightful! Makes me think of spring.

  13. A beacon of brilliance! Your post is both insightful and eloquently presented. Appreciate you sharing your valuable perspective.


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