Wednesday, July 26, 2023

All the Baby Quilts

So I got all the baby quilts done this week, labels and all! It felt really good to get these checked off the list.

Prickly Pears is done!
The first one is Prickly Pears, the baby girl quilt. It's made out of the cut-out pears from behind another quilt I made.
Loving the floral
You might think the gray pears are odd, but I really, really like it! I tried to use brighter, bolder prints for some of these blocks, even if they almost clashed. It ended up with a good cozy vibe and the backing fabric will hopefully make my daughter smile!
Who wouldn't want bikes on the back?
The second baby quilt finish is the Improv. Log Cabin quilt. The strips were not cut straight or measured at all. 

Improv. Log Cabin is done and dusted!
And in fact, the center Monkey Wrench block was improv. as well and never straightened.

Always a fan of Log Cabin quilts
If the quilt seems a little bit 'off' then that is why! Nothing to be ashamed of though, it just adds character. I did end up snipping a tiny hole in the backing fabric when pinning the quilt though. Just cutting a thread and missed and cut into the quilt.*sigh

How bout the dark backing fabric?
Thankfully, my daughter doesn't mind patches on things. Uggh. So annoying. The third baby quilt is made out of leftover blocks that have been languishing in the orphan bit totes.
Wish Upon a Star
It has a much softer look and feel, but it holds its own with the others just fine.

It's finished!
This one is being gifted to a long time friend of ours for her second baby. I rarely make or gift baby quilts to anyone other than family because our family is so very large. Well that, and I prefer making my big 'ol creative adventure quilts more.

The backing helps add to the baby feel
The backing fabric is a soft, babyish star fabric. Except that it had a surprisingly tough weave and was not the easiest to hand quilt. Got it done though! Yay!!

Hanging sleeves for the quilt show
I've also been working to get hanging sleeves on a couple of quilts. Not something that I particularly enjoy, but it needed to be done....

The Mountains Are Calling in the hoop
And last but not least, I've finally dove into the hand quilting part of the wedding quilt for my youngest son and his new wife. It's more a 'guy' quilt and I'm crossing my fingers the new DIL won't mind too much! {I plan on giving her a girly looking quilt later on.} Feels good to get this much of the freehand Baptist fan quilting accomplished. I'm loving the texture already! No marking whatsoever here.

Ok, that's it for now! We're just barreling through summer with hardly any time to breathe. Gotta get back to the to-do list and check a few other things off the list that aren't quilty related...


  1. great job - feels good to be done with them doesn't it

  2. Lots of baby love here! Sweet finishes.

  3. Congratulations on so many finishes! I adore the Wish Upon a Star and I'm trying to figure out why since I usually like to work with high contrast combinations. Maybe it's time to change it up for me?!? Love the freehand baptist fans too!

  4. lovely baby quilts...just right for snuggling and drooling

  5. You've gotten a lot done and these are fantastic baby quilts, so soft and interesting. I love the little patch on the back too.

  6. The baby quilts are great, especially the 3rd one. It's so interesting what we come up with when push comes to shove. I always dread sewing on the hanging sleeves.

  7. Great baby quilts! I love them all!

  8. Lovely collection of baby quilts! I must have missed The Mountains Are Calling quilt whilst you were making it, when did you make a start on this one Audrey?

  9. The baby quilts are sweet and will be loved and enjoyed by their new owners. You really did have your quilting hands and fingers going full speed. Great job!

  10. Three delightful baby quilts. Prickly Pears reminded me of the children's book 'Each Peach Pear Plum' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, and I too love the floral additions! All very unique, very you!

  11. The Pears are my favorite with Wish Upon a Star a close second. I love all three of them - such LOVELY gifts for newborns and their parents. So very you and so very special. Quiltdivajulie

  12. It is like a breath of fresh air to visit you Audrey. I so love your attitude of improv where your love of stitching shines above all else. And you create these wondrous, beautiful quilts!

  13. Oh what a lucky bunch of babies to receive these lovlies!


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