Thursday, May 6, 2021

Finally Getting Started on The January AHIQ Prompt

I'm super late getting started on the most recent AHIQ prompt, the String Tulip QAL. I've had all sorts of ideas but did not want to jump in before getting finished up {at at least somewhere positive} with the previous two prompts. 

A new project

The funny thing was, by the time I had given myself permission to start cutting, there was nothing more interesting than simply seeing the outline come together. Yep, no strings at all in the outer blocks, it's all just 'representative' as per shape and effect.

Blocks on the wall

Mostly, I was fascinated with playing with the very different-to-me color palette. So intriguing to see these blues, orange, pinks and reds come together in a background of sorts! You can see that I completely lost the point of what the actual challenge was. Oh well. I'm a little out of step with lots of things these days!

A very make-do look that doesn't work

When I came to the part where a decision was needed for the background of the centerpiece, I was stumped. Until I threw this strange cornflower blue on the wall. Hmm.. Why do I like it so much? Whatever. Everything else looked ridiculous, and I don't plan on going out to buy brand new.

Too distracting...

I've had this fabric around for at least 15 years and never thought it looked particularly inspiring. So interesting to see it eventually find purpose here in this random project! Can anyone tell me why it's in three long rectangles though? Must have been used as a border or perhaps backing fabric at some point to be cut so oddly.

Possible but probably not the best

I played and played with other blues, trying to figure out how to make-do, make it large enough to work in that specific area. Then I finally sewed the outside blocks together, thus giving me the exact length needed for the inside measurements. Uh huh. I actually have enough of the blue with a little bit of extra piecing effort. Too bad I didn't know that beforehand!

Looking at a potential tulip idea

So yeah, all that effort with the darker blue working into a utility make-do look was totally pointless. But that's kind of the story of my life of late, lots of busy work that ultimately turns out to be a waste of energy in some areas. I just can't stay properly focused with so many different things going on here at the home front.  I did get a better idea of how to do the tulips for the centerpiece, but that's a story for another day. And I haven't been back to the quilt room since, so who knows? They might or might not have strings. Call me a miserable failure for this particular prompt. Sometimes it really doesn't pay to delay overly long!

Granddaughters are the best

In the case you were wondering where I've been for the past couple weeks, look no further than these two adorable munchkins! Having them come visit and stay for well over a week has been the highlight of our year so far. Quilting can wait. It'll still be here tomorrow...


  1. Yes, granddaughters are the best! And I must say that grandsons are also tons of fun.
    Lucky you.
    Your design thoughts are interesting and I'm waiting to see how you'll progress, thanks for sharing.

  2. You are NOT a miserable failure for this prompt. Most all of us have been overly challenged by this one! And the quilts that result will all be very different from each other which is a perfectly good thing. I quite like that you went your own direction and I really LOVE that center blue background!

  3. A prompt is simply a prompt. It just can lead you in any direction. Glad you've had some special time with these cuties. Sewing can always wait.

  4. grandchildren! the best thing yet-- you had a good excuse from quilting

  5. Such cuties! Sewing can definitely be put off for a week or two with them to play with!

  6. I love the colors and the direction you may or may not be going! You're not a failure, I said I was going to do it and didn't even get started. The pandemic reinforced that people (especially grandchildren) are more important than my quilting. Make memories!

  7. Grandchildren beat quilting every time. I like your idea of not really having strings on your string blocks - keeping the feel making it your own. I hope you come back to this at some point.

  8. It will come together when it is ready. It has to tell you when. You aren't a failure. Your just an instrument in the process. All will be well. I will say I do like the color play and what is happening so far. You can't rush it to happen. It is like a plant growing in spring. It has its own pace

  9. I actually think your quilt is looking pretty darn good! Your granddaughters are adorable and well deserving, I’m sure, of top priority for time spent! I just spent a few hours with one of mine today and it was a joy and a balm for the soul 🙂.

  10. This is looking good, love the limited colour scheme! And yes, I love being a granny too, making memories is more important than sewing!

  11. Love what you're doing here Audrey!! Your blocks are different and exciting and I' can't wait for the centre finish! A few of us went with different elements for this prompt I think, but that's not a bad thing, we're all individuals.

  12. Visiting grandchildren are the best! Definitely.
    I love the way you reprised the shape but not the tiny strings. And wonderful color combinations. I also know how you fill about the background. I thought mine wouldn't fit either but had just enough just like you.
    And I want to try some tulips like yours soon. So many way to create these flowers.

  13. Tu colcha es espectacular, pero va a estar ahí esperandote, las nietas crecen muy deprisa hay que disfrutar con ellas.

  14. Such cute granddaughters! And although I am generally not a blue loving kinda of girl, your current quilt looks great with the orange, pinks and reds ~ I have started a new quilt, main fabric was an old gold colour with small blue stalk branches/leaves and suddenly moody dark blues have crept in to the palette with coral/pinks. Not sure how this is going to go with our bedroom that is gold and Green!

  15. Sounds like your process is typical, going through the phase of "crap!" Meanwhile, your brain is working away. The center tulip is spot on, something central to make a statement. I love it. Ane those littles. OMG such adorable smiles and soulful eyes. Lucky you. I love my grands as well, and got to spend some time playing with mine on Mother's day as well. Thanks for continuing to inspire. The auditions go on.

  16. It will all work out when time comes. Your granddaughters look lovely, must have been lots of fun having them around during their visit.

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