Monday, January 11, 2021

Checking A Couple Things Off the List

The first thing that I wanted to check off the list of in-the-progress projects this year was the Christmas Bearpaw. I had cut it out in December of 2019 but didn't actually sew on it until December 2020.

Christmas Bearpaw quilt top

It was a project where using up more of the tired old green fabrics was priority. Also, I had decided it was past time to focus on gathering more Christmas-look quilts together. Why not have a whole stack to enjoy?

Completed quilt top

The quilt blocks went together very well. Tedious work, but not especially difficult or time consuming. Just worked on them here and there whenever the mood struck during the season. Finally it was time to sew the blocks together into rows. Initially the plan was to place all the blocks side by side sans sashing.

Auditioning the applique in the center

But that didn't work out so well because my seams were not totally precise and accurate.*meh  Oh well! It was no problem to dig around and find a fabric to use for sashing and thus create a little bit of breathing room to help disguise the humble stitching. Totally made my day when that sashing fabric ended up being cut-offs from previous quilt backings! Then of course I decided the quilt needed just a teeny tiny bit of applique.

My favorite block on the right bottom corner

As you can see in a prior picture, I auditioned it first and then pondered what the overall effect would be. Was it necessary? No. Did I like it? Mostly. Some would say the applique busied it up too much. How did I intend to use the quilt? Draped over a couch or directly in my lap during the holidays. Decision? Do it!

After the applique is stitched down

And that was that. Now I have another holiday quilt to hand quilt next year during the holidays if/when I get in the proper mood.

Yep! I'm keeping it like this!

I've also finally finished stitching all the applique parts and pieces down to the centerpiece of 'Coronacrazy'. Love, love, love the look now that all the seams are tucked under and everything is presenting in the proportion that it will remain.


This quilt is such an odd-ball creation, it still makes my head spin. Lots of ideas for moving forward but you have to know, there's probably going to have to be more applique included, probably on an outside border. I want to tell the quilt that there's plenty of applique already, but it's just not listening to me. Will be letting it simmer for awhile longer now while I contemplate and consider....

Loving all the details

Love Apples is the other project that has received some love here at the first of the year. It's just something that has been on the verge of coming together and suddenly I'm terribly impatient to put it into the finished quilt top drawers.

Nice to see progress on this one...

All the rows have been sewn together and work is being done here and there to move it along. 

These blocks should totally make the quilt!

There's always something in the air during the January month that motivates me to check things off the list and then.... start new. Of course. And why wouldn't we?


  1. I like the Christmas quilt - nice! and the touch of applique a plus

  2. I think your coronacrazy quilt is looking so charming. And I love your idea of having a Christmas quilt lined up ahead of time to hand quilt during the holidays, cozy cozy.

  3. Coronacrazy is awesome! And it will only get better as you consider and move forward. The Christmas quilt is also pretty darn cool. I have a whole stack now and I love them. Glad you are going for the holiday stack, too.

  4. The little swirling applique in the center is too darn cute. When you said that was it, I couldn't believe you were stopping at one!

  5. How could you not add applique? ;))) I think it looks great with it...
    hugs, julierose

  6. Those teeny bits of applique are perfect for your Xmas quilt!

  7. I love the Christmas quilt -- that little bit of applique adds the perfect touch! Fun to see progress on the other quilts!

  8. I love Coronacrazy! It will be interesting to see what's next.

  9. I agree, one little applique twist just doesn't seem like enough... But such a different bear's paw. A classic. Your other quilt tops are delightful. I believe new projects are the ticket in January! Nicely written.

  10. I love the applique on the Bear Paw, that tiny touch *makes* it a Christmas quilt. I love CoronaCrazy even tho it makes my migraine worse. Such wild creative madness in its design. The third project baffles me, I will look forward to it coming together; I know it will be delightful.


  11. Your love apples look gorgeous. I can’t wait to see more progress on this one. How very clever of you to have a Christmassy handquilting project all ready for next Christmas. I really like the Bearpaw block and the little appliqué is a pretty touch.

  12. I love the bear paw quilt! It is an excellent example of the power of value placement and how each block looks so different even though it is the same block! Love it!
    And coronacrazy is a total swoon!

  13. The additional leaves on Bear Paw help is so much. Perhaps because it's not a "tired" green or perhaps because it pushes the quilt to a 60/40 split of green/red. It's a good example of the huge difference a small addition can make.
    Coronacrazy is uniquely you. Love it. Yes, it needs more applique. Just saying.
    And I've been watching Love Apples with interest (and a bit of envy) since you started. Yay, for keeping up with it.

  14. I do love the tired old greens in yoir new Christmas quilt. Makes it seem vintagy and well loved already, even before it is quilted. I expect it will be a family favorite in years to come.

  15. LoVe the Christmas bear paw, its gonna be a beauty!!

  16. Of course you should have added the bit of applique to the Bear Paw quilt. It's the period at the end of the sentence. It marks the quilt as sure as your signature would. Love it!

  17. I have to say that Coronacrazy is one of my favorites. Let's hope that when that one is finished the virus will be gone! Love those Love Apples too. Looking forward to seeing them all together.

  18. Loving your Coronacrazy quilt...those arches & flowers look so good together!

  19. Wonderful projects and great progress, busy.

  20. The New Year is always full of good intentions for me too. You are certainly off to a flying start. Like others, I like Coronacrazy a lot. As for more applique - go on, you know you want too really!

  21. You are off to a great start! I love the simplicity of the green and red and coronacrazy is fun, except that it has to do with corona. lol

  22. Yes for the leaves on the Bear Paw but Coronacrazy is SO much fun! Just the opposite of how we all feel right now so it works!

  23. Coronacrazy has my vote it...Such a crazy time..Looks like you are making good use of our isolation. xo

  24. Muy bonito tu trabajo.
    Abrazos desde España 🇪🇦


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