Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Here We Go Again

It was way past time for the Bullseye Medallion to get another border. I've been itching to get the red border on as the fabric just feels yummy. Only waiting for available floor space to properly lay things out and take a 'whole' quilt look!
The red border to Bullseye Medallion
My son {who has had the adjacent space next to the quilting room} finally moved out just last week. It only took him a month after he started talking about it and so I've been so {im}patiently waiting on him. Not that I wanted him to move out especially, but because I have been longing to have a clothes-free floor to lay out quilts. He is still eating dinner with us most nights during the week so this isn't something to be terribly upset about. He's just living a block away!
Trying to plan things out in the usual space...
Awhile back while digging through the applique-parts-and-pieces totes I happened to stumble across these leftover basket handles from a much older quilt. They seemed like a lovely element to try and add into this particular project. So very glad to find them and put them to good use. You know how I am with the orphaned and abandoned bits!
Always a piecing or applique unit to each round
For whatever reason, it was absolutely no trouble at all this time, to keep to the stated goal of having each border finish out at 5". Usually there is an internal debate that happens while I rebel against 'ridiculous' constraints. Ha  Might actually be the quilt that stays within the self-determined boundaries!
Love that the focus is on fabric
I'd say that I was finding my groove with the simple piecing efforts and primary focus being on the fabric and color rounds. Then I started in on the yellow border. Hmm... This one looks like it's gonna be a little bit harder. That's what I get for feeling like I had it all figured out. The quilt is currently 55 1/2" with three borders left {yellow included} to go. Adding all those borders will make it approx. 85" finished. However tempting it is to stop at the red border {and call it good}, 55 inches really isn't a good size for me. Plus, when have I ever backed down from an interesting quilting challenge?
So determined to use this old yellow plaid!
Next up in the hoop is the Playing With Scale #2 quilt. I guess technically, this one shouldn't even be in the running for getting finished quite yet. I like to work on the oldest quilts and then move forward, but as usual, that order does and can get changed around according to the slightest of whims.
Playing With Scale #2 getting sandwiched and pinned
This quilt is small, colorful and more importantly, requires zero marking. Sometimes that's really all that counts when making the decision about which one to favor!
A lot of spiky bits
I can see already that this one is going to go really fast. Every time I hand quilt a quilt top with strippy units it makes me fall in love all over again. There's just something very sweet about the old time 'utility' look to improv. strip piecing. Must do more!
Such a joy to see this one in the hoop!
All quilts should look like this after quilting. Why didn't I learn how to make quilts like this 20 years ago? I could have oodles of them by now.....


  1. The little leftover basket handles are a nice touch. Love the red border. Glad you're having fun quilting on this one. Sometimes it's just nice to not be in a hurry and just enjoy the process.

  2. I love how the medallion quilt is turning out -- love the red border and the handles! It is so fun to see how the hand quilting changes the quilt. I am nearly done hand quilting a simple triangle quilt -- I have so enjoyed the process that I am going to miss that quilt!! Thanks so much for sharing -- as always, I really enjoy reading and seeing how your beautiful quilts come together!

  3. My floor is my design wall too. Even though my kiddos are gone from home I still have to push things out of the way. Love seeing Playin with Scale #2 in the hoop. The quilting definitely adds another layer of texture and interest.

  4. The Pointy Quilt is the BEST! Another all time fave, it's so interesting yet cozy, and refers stylistically to the type of utility quilt I so love. [I got in trouble ion FB for calling something a Utility Quilt, but to me it is a compliment!]. The Medallion is charming too.

    lizzy gone to the beach

  5. You have such an interesting stash of fabrics to pull from. When you purchase fabric, do you have a certain go to amount that you purchase? And what do you look for when deciding to add to your stash?

  6. I really love your quilts and I'm a subscriber to your blog. I'm absolutely enchanted with the look of your big stitch quilting and I frequently search your blog looking for bits of info on how you achieve the look. I hope, one day, that you would be kind enough to do one of your tutorials on how you do it. I know you talk about it in bits and pieces, but putting it all together in one tutorial would be so appreciated. Thank you for all the time you spend blogging and revealing your thought processes (which I find fascinating--I read those posts over and over). You are truly one of my biggest inspirations!

  7. I love those handles on the red border; somehow it seems a very you sort of thing to have done. I really like the mix of colours and prints in this one too. I hope you get the yellow border sorted out - as you work outwards and borders need more fabric it can be tricky to find enough, can't it?

  8. I see how the red round seems to make an end and the yellow round calls for the quilt to continue. That encourages you to continue making rounds. The leftovers you incorporate add more interest. Yay, you.
    Playing with Scale 2 intrigues me. Colors and patterns I wouldn't have put together that work so well. The change in triangles - both angle and contrast unify these disparate features. Are you using a single fabric for the light? Anyway, this is one I've enjoyed following.


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