Monday, May 13, 2019

A New Log Cabin Start

There are so many projects that are on the list. Oodles to choose from really. But what do I do? Start in on a brand new project! Of course...
Starting something new!
I've had these fabrics stacked up together for ages. They aren't so incredible together that it makes them hard to resist, but somehow.... I just haven't been able to toss them back into the stash bins either. So this past week found me free cutting strips and sewing quarter log cabin blocks. The loosey goosey plan is to make 18 of them. We'll see. Right now I'm just making it up as I go along!
Soaking a quilt
Also going on behind the scenes is that I sandwiched and machine quilted {very simply}, the Lattice quilt. It's the one that was made as an answer to the #AHIQRED and the #UANDUQAL challenges. While I knew that most of the red fabrics had been soaked prior to starting the quilt, I had this faint memory of running out of fabric and raiding the stash totes for more. So... Into the tub it went today so as to hopefully stop the bleeding in it's tracks and save the lighter white/gray and blue fabrics from total ruin. Isn't this crazy? All the red dye in the tub is from about 15% or less of the red fabrics. It's not as bad as some of the quilts I have soaked previous to today, so unless there is a lighter fabric that ends up being super absorbent to errant dyes {which unfortunately happens a little too often}, it's probably going to end up fine. Fingers crossed!

So glad I got this quilt to the finished stage a few weeks before graduation. It feels like we are practically going in circles lately, so many things happening. We have an extended family member wedding coming up this next weekend, lots of organization and planning involved in our church campout that we help host every Memorial Day weekend, Senior graduation coming up for our youngest and on and on and on. All I really want to do is hole up and quilt for two weeks solid, but tell myself that the hand quilting that happens in the evenings will mostly tide me over....


  1. I love seeing quarter log cabin blocks especially when they're set on point. Are these around 15" square? I do hope the remaining red in the soaking water doesn't redeposit onto any of the lighter fabrics. That quilt is one of my favorites, being a lover of red ever since early childhood.

  2. sounds like you are going to be really busy the next week or so - have fun - quilting can always be something you take a break from and come back to!

  3. It's amazing how we choose what to work on when we have so many in the queue. Good for you. And also good to head off the red dyes. The last time I overlooked that step turned into a huge mess.
    Happy graduations and wedding. It seems so busy right now but too soon it becomes overly quiet.

  4. Looks like a loosy goosey loose in the log cabin. A fun beginning. Seeing all that red water would make me nervous. Fingers crossed for sure.

  5. Isn't the feeling wonderful that comes with starting a new quilt project!

  6. I spend my life longing for 2 weeks locked in a cabin somewhere! But it's exciting to see the start of a new project, even if you will be limited for time to work on it (sometimes you reach the point where you just have to scratch that itch!)


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