Monday, August 20, 2018

A Few 2018 NCW Quilt Show Pics

It's always interesting to see which quilts catch our fancy at these shows isn't it? Two people rarely end up with the same favorites that's for sure. I love things like scrappiness, playing with value, hand quilting or threadwork, an antique or vintage vibe, applique work, and words on quilts.

I was really intrigued by the simple yet compelling look to the mini quilt above. Lovely play with color.

This quilt was one of my favorites. Such a happy looking quilt! Really like how the flying geese break up the strings and add energy to the quilt.

Honestly I'm not a huge fan of butterfly quilts, but once in awhile they really do seem pretty amazing. This one had a lovely mix of colors/fabrics. Very gentle looking without disappearing into the woodwork. And lets just put this out there--I love cream as a background color....

Being a country girl, cow quilts tend to amuse me. Love the scrappy look to this one even though its a mass produced pattern and no doubt easier to do than it might first appear.

Antique lone star quilt. Need I say more???

I have a lot of admiration for anyone attempting to do a Hawaiian shaped applique pc. Did that one time {small block} and wowsers, lots of tricky stuff. Love the echo quilting too.

This was gorgeous, all that texture from the perle cotton stitching. Makes me think that I need to step up my game, but seriously? Would I really want to spend that much time on a much larger quilt?

Love bow tie quilts, love plaid, love value play. This was just something that pulled me in almost against my will.

Who doesn't love a good selvage quilt? Did you know that I cut mine as close as possible to the words in order to save precious bits of fabric? Then I throw them away. Ooh, call the selvage strip police....

This was flat out gorgeous. The colors, value play, threadwork--all of it. Probably my fave in the whole show. Really great quilt. I tried years ago to make something similar so I know how hard it is to end up with this kind of glow and warmth. Mine was pitiful compared to this one!

Love this quilt for its antique charm. Really heart melting quilt in my eyes.

Another one of my faves in the entire show. Lots of admiration for the lady who did all that hand quilting on silky fabric! Probably the best tie quilt I've ever seen in person. That blue and aqua combo.was a wonderful base for showing off those ties.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the entries! Sorry about the woman in the lone star quilt pic. That was a vendor booth and never seemed to be lacking customers. If you were hoping to see all the intricate longarmed masterpieces, you came to the wrong blog. I saw plenty of those, but much as I salute the time and effort involved,  they don't tend to 'move' me. There was a few wonderful looking Blackbird Design quilts too that at one time would have had me drooling. Now I'm less satisfied with the kitted up look and don't find as much inspiration there. Of course, if they were done in completely different, maybe surprising color/fabric selections, that would be a different story!

One intriguing element that I meant to take a picture of was a couple quilts that had {scrappy?} bias pieced sashing. I try to walk through the quilt shows one time without taking pictures and just sort of soak in the details. Then I go back and take pictures of things that seem most interesting. Guess it slipped my mind when I walked past the second time. In case you missed it, the quilts that I entered into the show are in a previous post with all the usual blathering on about the experience....


  1. thank so much for sharing these lovely quilts--each one more beautiful thn the next it seems. I do say though that I love the dresden rich and compelling . And that first little one you've shown us is amazing...hugs, Julierose

  2. These are all marvelous. I am surprised that the "Happiness" quilt did not have your name on it. I would have said it was made by you. Love it!

  3. It's always fun to see the work of others. I like what was done with the background squares and triangles of the Lone Star. Simple, but sweet.

  4. Oh I feel the same way when I go to shows. I just look for hand quilted ones cause that is what I love, even though a domestic machine quilted quilt takes talent and a lot of work. I love the first one best, it always amazes me that a simple square and color can amaze me.

  5. Having just finished a Bow Tie quilt I find that layout interesting. I am a huge fan of butterfly quilts and think that one is gorgeous. Thankfully I'm not really inspired to run off and try to make a version of any of these quilts like I did last year!

  6. if the quilts from Tri-Cities quilter's guild were in their last show I sure missed them! You've shown some lovely quilts there!

  7. What a treat to view these amazing quilts. I can’t choose a favourite, I seem to like them all!

  8. Love the selvage quilt, but admit to tossing mine as well.

  9. Wow, thank you so much for choosing one of my quilts. It's the one called Japanese rags, using Kaffe Fassett stripes. I had so much fun just quilting on the lines. Having recent eye problems, using this bigger thread and bigger needles has been great.

    1. Your quilt is a beauty, I just loved looking at it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


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