Monday, July 9, 2018

Maybe I Should Just Make Baby Quilts All the Time

I had to laugh the other day while reading Julie's post. It must be a good time of year for planners and organizers to fall off the wagon en masse! My youngest brother and his wife recently had a little baby girl. And uh... well.., the rest of the story {understandably if you're a quilter}, writes itself.
Starting something new
That only-making-one-baby-quilt per-sibling, {no matter how many children they have} is crumbling quite badly these days. Once glimpse at the latest, but sweetest, niece or nephew and I'm diving head first into the fabric totes, potential fabric flying everywhere. This time I settled on a piece of striped fabric that I bought on a whim a couple years ago. Something about the colors and print resonated very strongly with my impressions of the new mamas tastes.
Potential applique 
Not wanting to make things too complicated, but needing to expand the yard of fabric out to a better baby quilt size, I made a simple, but scrappy flying geese unit. It took a little bit of contemplation to figure out the best place to cut into the stripes and insert the flying geese. Yes! Love that subtle bit of dark pink framing the geese. And wallah! The quilt top is done!

Then, while I was trying to determine where to cut the edge of quilt, {at the gold strip or at the gray?}, I made up my mind that the quilt absolutely had to have a bit of applique. Huh? I thought it was DONE? Out came the applique parts and pieces totes and this is where I really put my foot down. Okay self! Any applique added to this quilt is going to have to be orphaned bits and that's that! Like it would matter one whit if I snipped off some little bits of the stash fabric here and there! Full disclosure for those that are wondering: I am such a weirdo about arbitrary challenges to myself. I get it! Totally recognize the randomness in how/where/when they insert themselves into the quilting journey. In my defense tho, I feel that they sort of liven up the process and give opportunity for unexpected, but fun results. Probably why I continue to gleefully make and attempt to follow through with them...
Two or three flowers? It's so hard not to keep adding....
This time it worked out beautifully. Who knew these pretty bits would shine so brightly on this particular quilt? And so finally, finally the quilt and I were in perfect agreement that it was time to move on. Simple straight line quilting  and then afterwards, some strategic echo quilting with perle cotton. Would more could it ask for?
Ready for machine quilting
The gray and white backing fabric was bought on clearance awhile back for a potential quilt back. Now it's approximately a baby quilt size short for the intended project, but we'll worry about that later!
And it's done!
There was only a fat quarter available of the pretty, pink polka dot on black fabric used for binding. Oh well. Can't have everything fall into place the way we want! I decided to be bold and went to the opposite end of the spectrum, using a light pink for the rest. It washed up very well, with a soft, drapey feel that was a little unexpected but still felt marvelous. I think mama was genuinely happy with her gift, which always feels good. Four days from start to finish! Why can't all quilts be this easy?*wink
Loving the addition of some Perle Cotton stitching
That fast and easy feeling is a bit addictive though, so next up was playing with these abandoned cut-off triangles. I loved the idea of them fading in and out of a similar color background.
The patchwork triangles starting to come together
 And then got all excited about using this sharp, citrusy yellow fabric in long vertical rows.
Hmm...  Is it too stark?
I had just enough of that mermaid green solid to make smaller strips through the yellow, but now I'm wondering if it should have been cut more narrow? The entire color scheme is a bit of a departure for me, but you might recognize the triangle fabrics from this Improv. Wheels quilt.
Such a simple, straightforward layout....
I've been dragging that quilt top out, contemplating whether or not it could/should be the next hand quilting project. Probably why it was so easy to forge ahead on these orphaned triangles. The quilt practically made itself, everything went so smoothly. Well, other than having to precisely cut every single length of fabric and pinning a hundred pins per strip. Okay, maybe only thirty, but it felt like thousands by the time it was all sewn together! I'd say it was done, but honestly, I think it needs a simple red fabric border. Still chewing on that decision.

And yes, I'm putting the Squirrel Club button over on the side of my blog. Total capitulation to what I'm beginning to suspect will be a summer of squirrels.*sigh  Those orphan totes are starting to look very interesting in a arbitrary, challenge-to-myself sort of way....

P.s. Have you read Flossie Teacakes latest post about blogging? She's someone I read in the event EPP suddenly becomes my latest craze, plus she's pretty interesting as most really great quilters are. Some really good points about Instagram scrolling versus settling in for a good chat on a favorite blog!


  1. I gave up on making baby quilts when the family was producing more babies then I could keep up - sometimes it is 2 in one month other times 4 in a year!

  2. Yes, do make baby addition to the rest of the lovelies you make!

  3. You make it look so easy. I have to pull teeth to come up with a cute baby quilt. That touch of applique is just perfect. I love the color combination. I've been making 9-patches today. You can never have too many of those on hand - ha! The yellow in your 2nd quilt sure isn't shy! Look forward to seeing what you pick out for a border.

  4. I have a one per family rule too, and it has been tempting to break it lately - as there are two new second additions to families this summer. Your striped quilt is just gorgeous!

  5. Love your little baby quilt, the applique flowers were a great addition! It's nice have a quick make now & then, I find making baby quilts very satisfying. And yes, I enjoyed reading Florence's post re blogging. I find quickly scanning IG is nothing like reading a well written blogpost, sharing ideas, etc and lots of quilty pics.

  6. Ahhhh -- the summer of squirrels is alive and thriving!! Adore that new baby quilt and the fading triangles with yellow is awesome! Off to read the linked post (for me, I MUCH prefer blogging to IG, we'll see what she shares - always interested in a good read)

  7. Looks like you caught some delicious squirrels. Good for you.

    I love that unusual fabric in the first quilt and your addition of flowers was perfect. And I do think a simple red border on the second one would be divine.

  8. These two little quilts lead you down some sweet paths. I love it when both you, the stitcher, and the quilt like going in the same direction.

  9. Hehe, I think it's a national squirrel invasion! I need to post that button on my blog too since we're knee-deep in squirrels at quilt ministry group, and my next (and last) finishes are from the same pile of nuts. Thanks for sharing Flossie's blog link, some great points that many of us longtime bloggers share. I just wish I could write as creatively about process as you do! Btw, I adore that baby quilt, so simple and sweet. And yellow being my favorite color you know I love that new top.

  10. Audrey I just love your little quilt with the two applique flowers and geese flying along! Your last quilt with the re-purposed triangles is another delight and that brilliant yellow with green is gorgeous, playtime is most definitely valuable and sometimes we come up with such a delight as this one. Happy to see you to are a Squirrel!!

  11. One quilt turns into more- always! The baby quilt turned out super fantastic!

  12. really cute baby quilt! they are fast and fun

  13. Wow, I have caught up with as always very interesting posts. Love these two baby quilts. Lovely as usual. I totally love the addition of yellow in your second quilt.

  14. The stripe fabric was unexpected but works so well for a baby quilt. I like the colors. The flowers at the bottom a sweet touch for a baby girl.

  15. Baby quilt number one is sooo adorable , I am in love. Not so sure about the green and yellow stripes in quilt 2. But I know you'll surprise me/ us--yourself? and make it work.


  16. I'd happily make baby quilts, if only someone would have a baby! I like all these a lot - adding the column of geese to the stripy fabric in the first one was a stroke of brilliance. I read Flossie's post and agreed with every word - thanks for the link.

  17. Cute baby quilt, with an unexpected color scheme. The addition of the applique was perfect! Isn't it fun how some quilts just seem to fly together? You were "in the zone"! I love your new start too. I love the colors in it.

    Thanks for posting to Julie's post about the Squirrel Club! One I had to join. It's too true around here!


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