Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Railroad Tracks Baby Quilt

About an hour and a half before I generally wake up, a woman called my phone 5 times this morning. Even after she was told positively that the number she was calling was wrong, she stilled called two more times. I didn't bother answering those last 2 times and decided that if she called even one more time, her number was going to be permanently blocked. 
All the blocks sewn together....
Some people are just so stubborn, it makes zero sense. And so I have a headache today.*ugh  Why, why, why? Which means I'm going to sound cranky. {And it might even be true.} I also tend to despise Daylight Savings week as it totally messes me up for days and then to have my day start out extra early with the clueless phone woman. Can I just go back to bed?
Slab strips for the border work
So yeah, Quilting. That's undoubtedly why you dropped in. I've been working on the improv. railroad track blocks {from Maria Shell's Improv. Patchwork book}, until I had the base of a baby quilt size. Each block ended up just being shy of 12", so then I had to decide whether or not add another row of blocks or maybe go with borders. Since all my trim-offs had been used up, it was an easy idea to go for borders. I do have a fondness for that look...
Sewing the borders together
My niece had her baby early last week so then I knew this quilt was destined for a little boy. So glad that worked out {thanks momma!} as this quilt had already taken a sharp turn away from femininity with these unlikely crayon colors. And he's really sweet and adorable, we've been to see him several times. That helps motivate me just a little towards getting this quilt done in time for the upcoming shower.
Auditioning more borders
Initially I thought to add railroad track borders on all sides of the quilt, but after adding the top and bottoms, decided no. Much too busy. I hate admitting to it, but I actually make a fabric run to buy the lighter green plaid fabric. Yeah. Nothing in the stash seemed to work and I was running a bit dry on inspiration.
Getting sandwiched and ready to be pinned
While working on this quilt has been a lot of fun in some ways {loved playing with my trim-offs!}, it's also been a little too uncomfortable, if you know what I mean. These are not my best colors for getting in the zone and I've constantly been beset by insecurities and frustration. As you can imagine, it makes the decision making process more difficult than usual. It's a very good thing this quilt is so small or I'm confident this particular quilt would have overwhelmed me completely. There was a point where I just wanted to be done with the whole project and sincerely felt like somewhere, somehow I had taken a wrong turn. Next time I need to try it in better {for me} colors? 
Tree of Life
The hand quilting on my Tree of Life quilt has proved to be very therapeutic in contrast. Hmm... It feels so very peaceful....


  1. love your tree of life quilt!! gorgeous. The baby quilt is really cute have not seen one like it for sure - yours are always so original. I hate annoying early morning calls and have gotten in the habit of leaving my phone to charge in the kitchen overnight and not have it near the bedroom - I hope I would hear it if there is an emergency - but I don't know if I would but I have a difficult time with sleep and can't tolerate early morning calls or the middle of the night wrong number ones either.

  2. Yes, how rude or stupid was that caller! I woke early this morning at 5am, (thinking of work! hard not to when it's a family business!) laid in bed until it got light, then went out to water the garden. It's early Autumn here in Melbounre, and we have not had any decent rain for 10 weeks.
    Love your baby quilt, a good strong design for a boy. And your Tree of Life colours are my sort of colours :)

  3. Your baby quilt is turning out fantastic !

  4. Your baby quilt is adorable. The colors are true and I love the splash of red that runs diagonally through it. The baby & family will absolutely love it, I'm sure!

  5. I think we are all in "cranky" mode with this ridiculous DST!! AND the constant Nor'easters thing going on-- leaving more and more snow and broken tree limbs and downed trees doesn't help at all....I definitely have my cranky pants on, too...
    I like your baby quit--I hadn't seen that pattern before either.
    Hope your headache diminishes soon..hugs Julierose

  6. It turned out very well. I've seen Maria's quilts several times in person and most are baby quilt size or smaller so very understandable why this one wanted to stay small, too. It has a sharp look, not sure if from the fabrics or the colors or both. The greens speak of the coming spring after a hard winter. The last of the snow as the rich earth comes into view and all the plants start to flourish. Perhaps that's why you pulled these fabrics. I think the border adds a good finish.
    Of course, I love your pine tree quilt. And I despise DST, too. Grr.

  7. I love the railroad track quilt - the blocks have a ladder-y look to them that speaks to me. Climbing out of the doldrums?
    And I love your Tree of Life quilt, too! (Thanks for all these spring reminders - we're getting snow dumped on us (again) and I'm a wee bit cranky with winter!)

  8. I long ago stopped answering the phone until I hear the caller i.d. and we don't have phones in the bedroom for the exact reason you're feeling cranky. Though the two quilts you're working on should cheer you up. That baby quilt is perfect for a little boy, I can see him in a couple years running his little cars or trains along those roads/tracks. Love your tree of life quilt, it's so deserving of hand quilting.

  9. So sorry for your impromptu wake up call. I don't answer my phone until I hear who it is. ALL my friends and family know they have to leave a message and wait 60 seconds before hanging up in case I am really at home. It may be rude, but it has lowered my blood pressure a lot! I commend you for doing any of these improv quilts with fabrics out of your comfort zone. I think it must allow for a much greater learning curve, but I'm not sure I would dare. In any case this turned out great and that little baby will adore it!

  10. I never answer the phone- land line or cell. I figure if it's important they can leave a message and I'll get back to them.

    I love the baby quilt!

  11. Audrey, love your railroad track blocks!! Shame about the early caller but hopefully she doesn't repeat these tomorrow!

  12. I think the borders you chose for the baby quilt did tie it all together. Not sure why, but the bright green seemed to brighten it all up and frame it well. The Tree of Life is just peaceful as maybe it should be. Hope today went better.

  13. I see the busy-ness of this delightful baby quilt. lovely to move back to something more familiar.

  14. Those colors might not be your comfort zone but babies LOVE bright colors so he'll enjoy this very much! : )

  15. I'm with you on the DST, though our clocks don't change for another week. It's funny, isn't it, how working with some colours comes much more naturally, though I don't think it shows in your end result.


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