Friday, December 8, 2017

Looking For Border Solutions

So here we are with the Peachy Cameo Medallion quilt started sometime in 2016. All the applique work is done on the outside borders and now I'm contemplating the corner areas of that same border. If you think about how much time is invested in this border work alone {min. of 5-6 hrs. just to sew those cute, little blue circles}, then this decision becomes much more important.
Border  #1
I like to call it the 'make-it' or 'break-it' moment just to be properly dramatic! You know how it is at the end of the quilt top making process, every last little decision seems like it could be that beautifully done, icing on the cake, or perhaps end up being those funky, colored coconut flakes that help to cover up whatever got messed up underneath.
Border #2
There are a lot of options of course {and some so awful they didn't even get a courtesy photograph}. One thing for sure--absolutely no more of that gold!
Border #3
And I'm still trying to decide for sure what the corner shape might be. Obviously I'm leaning towards stitching something and not leaving it without, although that's seriously tempting in a get-it-done sort of way. Nonetheless, it seems a little 'blank slate' without some color in that corner. Perhaps a tear drop shape with the wider end on the inside corner? That would be simple enough not to detract from the rest of that happy looking border.  I've been cruising my Pinterest boards for any and all ideas, but naturally, the most perfect idea of all times hasn't presented itself quite yet. Funny how some quilts are so adamant about what to do moving forward and others just want something, anything done. Whatever. Just do it!
Border #4
Once I make a determination, then it won't take very long at all to complete these corner pieces. They aren't very large! As a true-blue, hand applique enthusiast, it really is a joy to make these final stitches and see it all sort of settle firmly into place. Like it was always meant to be and why did I ever presume anything different would work? hehe  Well, that's the desired outcome. As always, my favorite words are We'll see.....
Our new family picture
I also threw in a picture for proof that we did finally get the large family pic on the wall. It's going to be our 'forever' family picture for better or worse. Everybody is extremely happy with the picture as a whole, but most of us have extreme reservations about our personal place in it. Why did we wear that? Could we have possibly taken three extra minutes with our hair? Ugghhh.. I look so old {or so young!} and on and on and on. We are our own worst enemies. In reality, we'll look back on this picture in a couple years and think we look marvelous compared to what we'll look like then. Probably. That's the way it generally works, right? And yes, the picture is on canvas so doesn't technically require a frame. That being said, we might have to put a frame on it or maybe re-paint the wall a different color. Nothing happens quickly around here though.


  1. This is such a lovely quilt--isn't it difficult to finalize those corner spots? To get them just right...
    I am hoping that we can get a new family picture this Christmas...
    Hoping for a peaceful Christmas Holiday--the news is not good...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. that is a great quilt - and yes I agree toss something into the corners. Glad you had a family photo turn out - we so rarely get a chance to even take a family photo I'm not sure when the last one was but it wasn't good enough to frame!

  3. Love this quilt and your auditions. You did not ask for advice, but what about another pink flower, only a little bigger (wider?) with more blue dots than the others have? I know you're thinking, "oh yippie, more blue dots!?"

  4. Decisions, decisions! I love this quilt so far - I'm sure you'll get it figured out soon. I like your family photo :0)

  5. What a wonderful family piture and I would never take it down either.
    What ever you figure out for the corners will be just right, I have faith in you.

  6. I had trouble with the corners of the triangle border although it was pieced, not appliqued. You will find a wonderful solution though.
    And I love your family photo. You'll be happier and happier that you have this. And you're right, after a while everyone will only notice how young, healthy, and happy they looked.

  7. You'll find the right solution; you always do. I always think family photos look fine apart from me, but it's lovely to have a record.

  8. Wondering how you will end up finishing this quilt. It's beautiful but I agree, it needs something a little more in the corners to "finish" it off.

    As for the family portrait, what a treasure!!!!

  9. I would put a green stem and leaf and bud, plus turq flower from previous border and three or 4 black stamen dots. Nothing too heavy, keep it whimsical. Portrait: At first glance on a tiny screen I thought, Oh cool they re all wearing wetsuits! The whole family surfs!!! LOL. It's a very cool photo.

  10. We do sweat those last touches, don't we? I think we'd all have to be standing there in the room beside you to offer specific advice, but I do think 'something' would give it a polished finish. My own two cents is the blue with a bit of red on top in the shape of a frittilaria with little spikes. Just something a wee bit different.

  11. Your imagination and creativity will come together for a perfect solution. Getting a family photo where everyone is happy is just about impossible. We're going to give it a try in a couple of weeks! Always interesting and challenging, just like quilt making.

  12. I always like to add an element from somewhere else on the quilt, or a heart is always good. But I know you'll come up with your own awesome idea! Love the family photo!

  13. neat family photo.
    I work in the same "we'll see" fashion. You'll come up with a great corner I'm sure.

  14. I would be tempted to try that turquoise with cheddar? flower shape you have used in the round with the bird.

  15. I'm liking your thinking on border 4, but whatever you decide will be right I know. Fabulous family photo, one to treasure.

  16. oh yummy. I love this ever expanding quilt.


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