Saturday, July 1, 2017

Working On a Few of My 17UFOSin 2017

This time of month always gets to me. I look at the 17ufosin2017 list and think, 'Oh no!, another month gone! Did I get anything done at all?" And then it's time to settle down and think things through logically.
Vintage Coxcombs
Vintage Coxcombs, above, now has all the applique blocks done--20 of them! And they were stinkers too. I haven't had that much trouble with applique for a very, long time. I think it was a matter of over thinking things, trying to correctly center the applique and yet not lose touch with the whimsical placement I was striving for. Who knew that imperfect stitching could be so difficult to achieve! I guess I just thought it happened by breathing. After all, it's easy enough to get the look when we don't want to. The best part was working with these fabrics and colors. It's hard to get a good picture of these muddy looking blocks, but they are so soft and mellow looking. LOVE that!

It's been a different kind of month. My nicely stitched borders for Folksy Flowers didn't work out as planned either. I've had to use the seam ripper and take some stitches out. Going to have to extend those scallops and hope that effort will do the trick. Otherwise, I'll have to dream up something else for this border.
Folksy Flower borders
 As I mentioned in a previous post, the prep work is all but finished for the solids challenge blocks. I know if I just pick up one block and get it stitched, the others will follow quickly. For now, they're just sitting in a bag, waiting in my quilt basket over in the corner of the bedroom. Taunting me. Or rather, haunting me?
Solids Challenge
Learning Curves is hanging out over there in that corner too. It's all ready for the hand work phase of the binding. The quilting is very simple on this quilt and I'm not 100% sure it's enough. Oh it'll hold together just fine--it's got machine stitching in-the-ditch around every block as well as the echo quilting around the curves. I'm just a little dissatisfied with the overall look. But not really wanting to invest more in this quilt either? It's a conundrum....
Learning Curves
Then there's the Eagle quilt which was slated to be in the hoop by Independence Day weekend of this year. Yep. That's not happening! I could never find a cheap backing fabric {I refuse to pay full price for backings} and wasn't feeling particularly pressed to get to the stitching. Other quilts seemed more demanding than this one. Then, just the other day, I found some backing fabric at a Quilt Guild yard-sale. Fabric by the pound! The blue fabric is slightly over a yard of 110" wide fabric too, which just makes me smile. Score one for the patient quilter.*wink
Eagle quilt
So no matter what my sad sack expectations tells me, I did just fine in June. Progress is definitely being made, even if it's a slow pace, and at this halfway point in the year, there are already 9 out of 17 items checked off the list! Yay for me!

Of the three remaining projects on the list, one is at my friends for longarm quilting attention. It's not looking real good for a fast finish, but maybe by the end of the year? Nothing I can do here about that. Another item is a love/hate project and I waffle back and forth between ditching it completely or being tenacious and diving in regardless of my trepidation about liking it in the long term. The final item on the list that needs to be addressed is going to require some intensive applique border work. I have the ideas roughed out on paper and a tentative fabric selection in the works. Other than that, I'm practicing extreme avoidance. I don't wanna. At least not right now! But I will eventually 'cuz it's a lovely quilt and no matter how I whine and snivel, quilts rarely get neglected here forever....

Okay! That's the June 17ufosin2017 wrap-up. I feel so much better now getting it all in proper perspective! Thanks to Meredithe for the monthly prodding to be accountable!


  1. I think the soft Coxcombs is lovely--it looks like you put a lot of work on that one--and your solid colors will be so whimsical I think;
    Learning curves--oh yes, curves have been on my sewing table for my improv lately,too; BUT--I adore your eagle with those little adorable flowers...
    as I have ( snooped) uhh read ;))) most of your back posts I can see how your body of work really reflects your individual style...
    Surely am enjoying seeing what you come up with...hugs for a wonderful 4th Julierose

  2. a lot of prep work goes into those applique pieces but you will love it when it is done

  3. Love your comment about imperfect stitching. I've had trouble "doing it on purpose" do - I guess maybe we should just let go and let it happen. It's so easy to overthink sometimes, isn't it? I know I do it too much.

    I think you've made great progress on your WIPs. Life surely can get in the way of quilting some days. But as long as we keep plugging along, we'll get there eventually!

  4. 9 of 17 is fabulous! Everyone is doing so great with this challenge. I'd love to see that eagle quilt done next. The Golden Eagle is one of Canada's symbols, and I still would like to make one too.

  5. You are doing so well with the 17 challenge! I love that bigstitch quilting on lime green.

  6. plenty of variety here and you are so organised best of luck with these challenges

  7. You have great ufos and your dedication to them are inspiring.
    The coxcomb is really great!

  8. Can't wait to see what happens next with your Eagle quilt! Mine is also on the 17ufosin2017 list, but I'm stalled out over marking my quilting lines.

  9. I love those Vintage Coxcombs. Did you draft the pattern yourself?

    And I think you are making excellent progress on projects - all very delightful ones too.

  10. It always seems to me you are making lots of progress, and it seems as if this round-up shows I'm right!

  11. Excellent progress - and well done on finding a reasonably priced backing fabric, like you I don't want expensive fabric on the back of quilts!

  12. It is interesting how we love to procrastinate! Been there and still there! Like the Eagle and the Coxcomb!

  13. You're always working on such a great mix of amazing projects. I do agree though that the months fly by a little too quickly.

  14. I think you made great progress in June. The thought process can take more time than the actual stitching part. But then when the direction is clear or clearer, things seem to move ahead more quickly or at least move along ! :0)

  15. What a great post!! You've done so well and achieved heaps. Wish I could say I have as many under my belt! Keep going........


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