Monday, July 20, 2015

Giveaway Winners, Appliqued Leaves and Why I'm Not Currently a Local Guild Member

Time to announce the winners from my 5 years of blogging giveaway! Very fun that both of them are quilt bloggers who I'm already familiar with! The first winner is Quilting Babcia from Amity Quilter blog. I will be giving her 'The 1718 Coverlet' book. The second winner, Marie from Quilt Bee, will  receive 'The Farmers Wife' book. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone else for joining in on my little giveaway! Emails will also be sent to the winners.
The giveaway books!
The weekend quickly developed into quite the young peoples house party as soon as my oldest son showed up on Friday evening. He brought my youngest son back home from his two week stay in Oregon along with a couple other friends. This annual city celebration always has 3-on-3 tournament that seems very popular with the younger crowd. This year two of the teams were from my very own extended family--one adult team with my son, two brothers and a cousin, plus a high school team including my youngest son, a niece, her twin brother and one of his friends. My husband ended up being one of the court monitors and I just went to cheer things on, apply sunscreen forty-two times and wonder why this could possibly be considered fun. lol   Nevertheless, we enjoyed having our house busting at the seams with all these good-natured kids.
All the leaves appliqued down on half the quilt now!
I didn't get much quilting done as I spent a lot of time at my parents house visiting with all the siblings in town for the celebration. Mostly I pulled out my hand work bag very, very late in the evenings waiting for all the teenagers to show up or making sure the kiddos were actually settling in for the night--boys upstairs, girls downstairs! Lots of late nights for sure and for some reason I was in the mood for applique instead of hand quilting. Working on so many leaves can get a bit tedious, but really, applique of any kind {unless it's letters} can be very relaxing and meditative for me. The more I work on this eagle quilt though, the more I do think it needs another border! And I'm thinking about, uhuh, the addition of words! Such as courage, strength, victory? Stop me. I just can't seem to help myself!
Showing the quilt to some of my family members who couldn't see the
details of the quilt at the show.....
Thanks so very, very much for all of your encouraging words after my last post. For those of you who wonder why I have never joined the guild in the first place, it's fairly simple {at least in my mind}. I moved back to the area in 2004 and just happily joined back up with the same quilting group I was a part of before. We were all friends and/or family, most of us from the same church. I was a very inexperienced quilter and it felt safe, plus it was a fun group! This group gradually disbanded about 2--2 1/2 yrs. or so ago due to people moving away, getting busy with life and/or being disinterested in extra quilting projects.

Ironically, I had been considering joining the local guild prior to this years quilt show. The guild definitely appears to be declining as members are getting older and less productive. They have always been very receptive to our group as far as entering quilts into the show {perhaps because they needed the extra entries?}, but obviously are more pleased with specific styles of quilts over others. In conversation with a few of them through the years, I have deduced that the greatest emphasis is placed on technical precision, long arm quilting, and a careful, 'safe' use of fabric and color--not creativity or exploring personal style. This frankly, has made me a bit wary to be pushy about becoming a member as my focus is not exactly what they take pride in.

I will probably never know the answers to what happened this past weekend but I'm going to be okay. Truly. Ironically, my sister-in-law is the city clerk and she offered to hang the quilt in the town museum for a month if (and when) I decide I want to. Too, the paperwork is already printed out and siting on my desk to apply for entering into the NCW quilt guild show in Wenatchee, Washington.  Big step for cowardly 'ol me, but this is the show that I was supposedly asked to enter my Fire Quilt into by the visiting quilter. I may just have a little steam behind me now.*wink

I also have the papers for application of the quilt into the Washington State Quilters show in Spokane, Washington?*gulp  My husband is not really into that particular idea as he says the quilt will not be quite as relevant over there. We'll see. As I've been reminded lately, quilts have a way of being relevant almost anywhere! I do have a couple weeks to consider the idea before the application deadline arrives. Again, thank you for all the very thoughtful responses to my disappointment with the local quilt show. As always, I will do my best to respond to each one of them personally as I get time and opportunity.


  1. Audrey, personally I think that this is the relevant-to-you quilt ever. And that is what makes it important and great. People don't really get my quilts sometimes either...but that is OK. I am not a big member of a guild either, preferring just to drop in occasionally. I use scraps, and I have been told that, "I shouldn't use junk like that in my quilts.""I would never use crap like that." "Can't you afford real fabric?" REALLY?? It doesn't really matter what anyone thinks...but my thought is that your quilt is a SHOW STOPPER!!! Love it...and thank you for sharing. Here ends the thought!!

  2. First, a big Thank You for my blog anniversary win! I'm so looking forward to all the eye candy since my first love is traditional quilts. I'm so glad to read that you are preparing to enter the fire quilt in some larger shows. Wild fires are so prevalent in the western states that your quilt will be relevant and appreciated in any regional show you choose to enter it. Good luck!

  3. I'm with you on guilds - I really don't feel they are all they are cracked up to be - yes a lot like them but there are just as many of us that are not in guilds and are perfectly fine with it. You have a lot of meetings, business discussed, a lot of time no quilting is done, a lot of times the workshops are of something of no interest to you, I tried mine two times, a lot of people very set in their ways attend and a lot that think whatever way you do is wrong - I guess you can tell I am not a fan of guilds :) Good luck with whatever you decide to do with your quilt.
    I have been told by several guild members that I should give up hand quilting because "no one does it anymore" and also have been told more than once by several machine quilting experts that I don't quilt the right way and should get with the times! Another time was basically told that my help was not needed on a group quilt because I would want to do some of it by hand and that wasn't the way it was going to be - so I quit!
    I think your two winners will love the books they have received.

  4. I say join the guild regardless of your style. It might just be that they would enjoy some new ideas and learning something from you. You can always drop out if after several get togethers, you aren't happy. I think it takes new blood in a group to have it grow and inspire.

  5. People have opinions don't they! I know I sure do :0) I love what you do so I think you should keep on doing it!

  6. It's just great that you have the opportunity to hang your - fabulous! - quilt in the town museum for a month! Personally I think that this is even a more significative place for it than the quilt show.
    I often hear about misunderstandings, friction and disagreements in patchwork groups and guilds and I really do hope that you don't give any importance to what happened to you, it's not worth it!
    And I thank you for all the wonderful inspiration and ideas that you give to me!
    Best wishes!

  7. I agree with Karen, join the guild and shake them up! They quite obviously need to be exposed to some other types of quilting! I am always surprised by how little guild members know, not all of them have been quilting for a long time.
    I also agree with Helen, hang that quilt in the town museum and enjoy the glory it truly deserves!

  8. Sorry, I didn't read your last post until today. What a heartbreak after all your emotional work on this quilt. I certainly hope all of this was unintentional, but I can see how you would be hurt anyway. I know that when dealing with volunteers, sometimes things don't go as planned. I once entered an "invitational" show only to find my quilt draped over a chair (I'm over it now- ha). Having entered national level shows now, I have developed a thick(er) skin and try to not let it bother me when my quilt gets rejected or when my all hand done quilt is judged alongside machine quilted quilts as I used to think it was "apples and oranges". But I have come to realize that quilting is evolving and I enjoy seeing all types of quilts at shows. And I hope that everyone would enter their quilts just to share them with others. Please, please enter the fire quilt (and any of your other fabulous quilts) in the state show in Spokane. Think of how many people you will touch with your fantastic quilt. And, hopefully it will be hung in full light for all to enjoy!

  9. I could write for days about why I'm no longer a member of any guild, but it wouldn't matter. I wholeheartedly feel for and agree with you from this post and your last one. Keep doing what you do because your quilts are beautiful and sing to my soul (and obviously, others).

  10. I read you first post and am sorry about the treatment of your quilts at that show, their loss, as you take quilting to a whole new level of inspired creativity that I'm so envious of so please keep on inspiring us/Me, I cant wait to see what your working on in each of your blog posts. I think you can may be take it as a push to get your work out to larger shows and to tell you the truth while the quilt is specific to the fire in your town, many people that were not there will get it, they may see it from the eyes of a tornado, flood or other type of traumatic event that they have experienced so the message will not be lost. Then some will look at it just as a piece of art so take the leap and put it out there it for sure is one of a kind and unique to your story.

    1. I have attend the Spokane Quilt Show for the last 10 years, They do a very nice job hanging the quilts and lighting them. The quilts are hung in the center of each room with vendors around the outside edge. No quilts hung in nooks or crannies. They have a wide variety of styles and the subject does relate to this area. We battle wildland fires every summer and this summer seems to be worse than others. We would love to see your quilt.

  11. Audrey, I think while your quilt may not be as relevant over in Spokane for that one particular fire, it would be relevant anywhere as it speaks to loss and disruption which all communities face, maybe not as an all-consuming fire, but in some other way which raises the same emotions. Your quilt speaks to loss and those emotions in a creative and personal way and needs to be seen by a wider audience. There will be quilters everywhere (as apparently in your own community) who want all quilts to be "pretty" and "safe" and "in good taste", in other words to be easily understood and non-challenging. However, art isn't concerned primarily with being pretty and non-challenging but with saying what needs to be said. Your quilt does that. Don't be shy about sharing it.

  12. I once had a mug that said "Don't let the turkeys get you down". Good advice. Or we could give a nod to Bing and sing: "You got to ac-cen-tuate the positive, e-lim-inate the negative" -- I'm showing my age... anyway, looks like you found another direction so you go, girl!

  13. You already know I love your quilt. They are always more interesting to me when the quilter has a story. I hope you put it in several shows.

  14. Thank you SO MUCH for The Farmer's Wife Audrey - I can hardly believe it! And go ahead and enter your quilt as many places as you can. While people might have their notions of what a quilt 'should' be I find that exposing them new and different ideas often softens those lines a little bit and makes everyone more adventurous. I also thoroughly support the notion of hanging it a the museum - it will be a touchstone for so many in your community. Just remember the little people that knew you before you became so famous :).


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