Thursday, October 2, 2014

More Happy Mail and Sweet Progress On My Worry Baskets

You know I'm not an everyday post-on-the-blog kind of gal but this seems kind of important! Here's the Tuesday and Wednesday haul for my mom!
More Happy Mail!
She received envelopes/packages from Washington, Texas, Idaho, Connecticut, Oregon, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Montana as well as France, BC Canada, Alberta Canada and even Switzerland!!
Want to see what's inside?
It's really incredible how thoughtful people are being to a total stranger! Thank you so much to everyone involved! We love you!

Even the little envelopes are such fun for her to open as they can be hiding the very best pieces of fabric. We tried to lay out the goodies so you could see what all she's receiving, but the Simple Marks charm pack below had fallen to the floor without us even noticing. Hmmm... Is someone starting to get fabric practically coming out her ears? hehe
The fabric that was forgotten and forlorn on the floor for oh, maybe 5 minutes?
And just because I couldn't stand to wait and tell you later--here's my Worry Basket quilt with all the hand quilting completely done!
Worry Baskets quilt
I pieced together about four different blues for the binding and now I'm well on my way to getting the initial front side sewn on.
Sewing on the binding
I obviously appliqued some of the Fleur De Elise units too close to the outside edge so having a bit of trouble there. Oh well. You will never be able to accuse ME of making a perfect quilt.*wink


  1. Oh congrats on getting the baskets quilted. It looks wonderful.. .I am so envious! Mine is still in pieces.... thanks for the inspiration.

  2. BTW- what size is your basket quilt and how did you quilt it?

  3. That is brilliant that your baskets are all quilted already! It doesn't seem like it's been long at all, especially considering your challenging summer.

    I have a big issue with those fleurs de lis and how they fit/don't fit with the binding, even in the original quilt. Good luck with that!

    1. Gosh, maybe I should clarify... it's the little gaps between the fleur de lis and the binding that bug me in the original design. I think it will be very hard to keep it all even, and it is not even in the original.

      For my own version, I can't decide if I will leave them out, or redesign them. A binding that matches the background would also solve the issue for me.

      Anyway, you know I have been thinking about this quilt a lot! Too much, probably...

  4. It's like Christmas! It's always fun to be up to the binding stage of a quilt, it means it's nearly finished! Looking forward to the big reveal of your basket quilt.

  5. Love your worry baskets quilt Audrey . Its look absolutely fantastic. One more step and you can call it finished . How exciting.

  6. Your basket quilt is gorgeous - looks so soft and cuddly with the quilting done! So glad your mother has had an early Christmas - and wonderful to have the connection all over the world isn't it?!

  7. love the baskets!! so nice to have a finish I bet - well of course there is the binding but really binding can be so relaxing to hand stitch - package went in the mail today for your mom - I really wish we could all see her excitement as she opens envelopes - I think we are all having fun taking part in this - replenishing a stash is exciting!!

  8. Way to get the baskets quilted!

  9. I love your baskets and I feel that the blue binding will be perfect. I hoped that your would enjoy the "Simple Marks"--very eclectic and I thought from your comments that your Mom liked eclectic...glad you found it. LOL hugs Julierose

  10. Love the baskets! And an almost exciting!i have around 160 baskets made but want a King size quilt.....thinking about alternating a plain block to highlight the hand quilting....

  11. Felicidades !!!!
    me gustan tus cestas

  12. Sitting here smiling at your post. What a lovely, kind, generous bunch our fellow quilters are. And your baskets are gorgeous.

  13. Your basket quilt is lovely...great happy for your Mom...fabric in the mail is the best...I know more is on the way...

  14. Your quilt is SO lovely! ;) Happy for your mom! She's probably having SO much fun!

  15. oh it is beautiful...lovely, soft, inviting and hand made :)

    So glad your mom is having fun with this surprise mail ! :)

  16. And the fun never stops for your mom ... at least not yet, with the packages continuing to roll in! So glad that we all could help stock her stash. Great job on the basket quilt ... love finishing up a quilt.

  17. Happy for your Mom.
    I think your basket quilt is just marvelous. So soft and snugly looking. Just what I think a quilt should be.

  18. I am not usually a fan of basket quilts but this one is lovely. Can't wait to see the finished quilt in all its glory.

  19. You're killing me with this basket quilt. I just love the colors. Can't wait to see the final pictures.

  20. Wow, quilted already! Your baskets are looking wonderful. Do hope we get to see the quilt in full when you have the binding done. I posted my package late last week and it will take about a week to arrive : )


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